Artists seem to march to a different drummer then many people do. In fact they are unlikely to “march” at all but may skip or tiptoe or twirl as their mood dictates and will seldom if ever be found in formation or even on the same path with one another. I find them fascinating and very good company. The world is a constantly new experience in their company. I have just seen some artist friends off following an afternoon of work shooting photos here at our home. The place offers privacy, and unusual settings for taking photos. The model made use of some of the old trees in her poses and we all got involved in lighting scenes using one of the big mirrors in the house. She and the photographer, an associate from one of the art leagues I am a member of worked with great concentration and every one was glad to break at 4:00 for iced tea served on the porch. I am glad now to finally catch a moment to post to my blog. I really have too many irons in the fire.

This morning after my Friday morning walk which a friend and I usually do I returned to the marsh we often go past and did a quick sketch. I’ll include that here. It is the second one I’ve done and will be the basis for a bigger painting when I can get to it! I did at least get that penciled in before the photographer came. I’ve also got some figure studies to post but these will have to wait until I am able to control viewership and comments. There is so much to learn. Someone suggested I take a course in computing at the community college but I’ve already committed to a course in art history and to one in hand building in ceramics and I am going out to Monhegan Island from September 17th to 24th to paint. I’m already spinning! Best of all I’ve received some much needed news which makes it all worth doing! Many many thanks for the communication.IMG_0632 (1024x768).jpg

Artists need to stick together! I can now look forward to continuing my work and trying to accept who and where I am. Sometimes this art making seems an uphill battle like last night when everything I drew in figure drawing at the art league came out wrong. A word of encouragement and reassurance is often what we need and sometimes we just need to know that that message is being sent out on thought waves as it were. Anyway hang in there where ever you are and share when you can. I hope this post is helpful to all of you.

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