Magic Moments-in gratitude

To R- for setting me on the path to begin the journey to self awareness through the  practice of yoga and for getting me out of doors just to be alive to the beauty around me.

Walking and Hiking get me closer to nature and i find inspiration and solace there. My heart fills with gratitude.

The practice of yoga is gradually giving me freedom to once again move from a secure center both physically and mentally. This journey now begun will never end. I know there will be interruptions and set backs but i will always be grateful for the gift.

-And for reconnecting me to my family in a positive way. One which allows me to return to these stories from my childhood with fond memories-

IMG_3119 (768x1024).jpg
Seabird by Holling Clancy Holling

Maybe I’ll even paint that wave-


For now I am listening to and loving  some piano music (Rachmaninoff’s 1st piano concerto) and accepting who i am.

Holly ♥fyaitd

Magic Moments- i wonder

“I wonder.  If more of us painted, more of us drew, more of us tended our gardens, more of us wrote poems and stories, if more of us Created from the artist within….  wouldn’t  it all  be a much better world.


I look at the skies above

and wonder.”                                                                                          quoted from debiriley’s blog

IMG_3121 (768x1024).jpg
a painting by one of my favorite writers/illustrators Holling Clancy Holling. What a difference he made to me as a child.


The truth is there are artists all around us. We just need to pay attention.

Here in the grey snow covered and rain soaked hills of North Western Connecticut one doesn’t always expect much culturally but this weekend proved that there is hidden fire in these hills.

Hartt School of Music hosted the Northeast Horn symposium and offered three concerts to the public at large. What a treat for both my husband and me. Playing horn is definitely a thing of our past and while Jamie was first horn in all state it was only a minor part of my musical study but we both still truly love the horn. And to be privileged to talk with and listen to these musicians in intimate surroundings  was one of those incredible experiences to treasure-to be immersed in the nuances of the sound and repertoire of French horn for a weekend of three concerts for less than the cost of a bus ticket to Boston-wow!

Pieces included works by Gounod, Beethoven, Holst, Rapoport, Dukas. Glazunov, and others including a beautiful piece by James Naigus for 9 horns just released called Harvest Lights. Imagine towering white pines against the blue sky and golden sun filtering through the woods-well that’s where my mind took me when I closed my eyes. Horn is so awesome and to hear the difference of sound demonstrated between Viennese horns, Bruckner horns (James Summerville played on one of the original 1887 horns only recently replaced by the BSO by a new set. It was clear, sweet –took me back to my childhood in Symphony Hall) and classical and bright modern double versus velvety deep Wagnerian Oh gee!

And so we got to listen to Erik Ralske, Principal horn of the Metropolitan Opera and James Sommerville, Principal horn of the Boston Symphony Orchestra up close and personal.

In addition the programs included other fine horn players including principals of Hartford and New Haven symphony orchestras ,Professors from Yale and Hartt and more as well as an evening with the US Coast guard Band featuring pieces with french horn.-Awesome.

IMG_3123 (1024x742).jpg
9×12 canson sketch book 170326


Well I did pick up the paint brush but only briefly. However, now when I close my eyes I see golden horns and when I listen to recordings I can sometimes identify the type of horn being played. It’s like pigments and colors in watercolor only overtones and sonority/color in music.

IMG_3117 (1024x718).jpg

i think a still life or figure study with a french horn is my next challenge if only i can get one decent wave!!


(angel in the dust wishing she could share the beauty all around her with you)

magic moments-

Life seems a bit hollow.

I did go to the new lecture series on Museum Treasures with Carol Beaudoin at NWCC  yesterday and it promises to be interesting. Only I wish i were sharing it. And, my husband and I will be going into Hartt University for a horn concert tonight but…

I seem to be spinning my wheels here in terms of getting engaged with projects around the house and there is so much that needs to be done.


Here is a figure study from last night-

IMG_3113 (1024x689).jpg
Eric 170323


And two little studies from this morning of rocks that I did on hot press using the palette knife.

IMG_3112 (1018x1024).jpg
waves off Monhegan Island


And from my walk this morning-

IMG_3109 (1015x1024).jpg
Winter hanging On

It is curious how the icicles form above the stream like little fingers.


Magic Moments- suspended#2

Abstract spring trees: pictures and poem by me. Inspiration from Salal Studio.

IMG_3099 (1024x780).jpg
spring poplars

9×12 fluid cold press/Prussian blue, new gamboge, vermillian, sepia scraped, brushed, and lifted.

IMG_3101 (1017x1024).jpg
Version #1 6×6 cold press

Beyond Reach

Mindless mists of misery blot out all thought

Unyielding, soft, insistent, absolute-

Rain-slick boughs bend beyond control

Sending silver sleeves to stain the forest floor.

And up the glistening trunks a sinister

Gleam lights the gloom then quenches

A last flicker of Hope     

                                                                                              Holly Hall

IMG_3104 (1009x1024).jpg
Beyond Reach


Magic Moments-suspended

displaced river: poem by Owen Servant, painting inspiration from debiriley


beneath the river filled with silt, contempt
flows over grounds of guilt, and arrogance
is there rebuilt, while silence rules and reigns;
the quilt of blessing torn by regicide.

along the river of remorse, ’twas seen
the major, out of course and innocence;
the hidden force that draws things forth, and makes
the source of everything that is and was.

the banks were misty in the morn of hope,
although a bit new shorn of grass and weed;
the soul reborn, the life malfeasant, was
as worn as any tread or shoe or shirt.

as absence fills the heart with more than space,
the mist was here, and there, and everyplace                                                         by Owen Servant

IMG_3096 (1016x1024).jpg

But mostly in my heart-so  thank you all for getting me into painting mode. (Maybe I’ll do some Canada geese next)

The above were done with wet in wet and palette knife. Prussian Blue, Indian yellow,and Sepia on fluid cold press.


Magic Moments-not lost

Magic Moments-not lost


Dear readers, I have not forgotten you but I have been distracted and waylaid.

woodthrush (745x1024).jpg

First, a good friend has let me down-well nothing to be done about that but to try to accept it and move on-.


flicker (745x1024).jpg
The philosophic northern flicker


Second the internet has become glacial and my computer is clearly having a heart attack. I think I shall have to replace it. It is a PC office vista dell and my server will no longer support it. Ah… so out o the junk heap we go. Will Rikki-Tikki-Tavi-Kin the mongoose (Kipling) be there to keep the cobra from devouring my memory and contacts? i.e. you! I do hope so!

blue hepatica2 (521x400).jpg
What is under those leaves near the round leaf hepatica?


Any way I may appear to be “gone”, i.e. on hiatus for awhile but I’ll be back you can be sure, and with more watercolors of waves and snow and then spring ephemeral s.

IMG_8678 (640x480).jpg
So wake “R”obin Spring is  just a month away!!!!

photos and watercolors by me.

Until then… stay tuned, and keep painting and writing. I’ll be watching for your work.


Love you,


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- adrift

i have now painted the ocean picture “Equilibrium” 6 times and i still am not getting it right. so i shall post this little Requiem to a goldfish-he died today and finish with a poem by Rumi which describes me rather accurately. I’ll squirrel my own writing out of the way. Some day i may toss it out to sea in a glass bottle.

Here is a picture of the little fellow:

IMG_3082 (1024x976) (2).jpg

If you do not know me, ask the dark night

She is the witness of my lonely tears and laments

She is the keeper of my secrets.

I have become patient as a mountain, humble like dust.

My sorrows like a fence of thorns surround my garden

but once you go beyond them you will praise

its flowing springs and fragrant roses.

Praise the beloved who blessed the garden with new life.

A peaceful weaver cannot appreciate the art of war

the mind cannot feel the sweetness of the lover’s pain

that sweet pain of melting like a grain of salt

in the sea of love.

But I will not waste my words on tired minds

I only talk to those who are thirsty for the sea.



Angel in the dust

“Rumi’s little Book of Life”

Translated by

Maryam mafi and Azima Melita Kolin


Magic Moments-hidden in the waves

Today I finally attacked this studio with the vacuum cleaner-1st time since sometime last spring. Maybe I’m finding my feet again or just finding a large measure of resolve.

IMG_3075 (1024x768).jpg

I am working with more studies of waves and beginning to experiment with the palette knife. I also found this sort-of poem with in myself and choose to share it with you.


Fate is the hunter that fashions

A fiction we cannot escape.

Caught, forced to choose

We step blinded by blurring translations

Into an irrevocable present

Constructing our souls to an

Outward smile that drowns tears


Fortitude lifts a brush ofIMG_3076 (1024x768).jpg

Emerald green-defines the bay.

Mindset focuses on the way

We climb the path to a destiny,

Our imperfect present

Passing by the ocean empty

We leave our hearts

 To drown

IMG_3080 (1024x768).jpg

Angel in the dust



Holly Hall


Magic Moments-take Discipline

Working in watercolor one will either learn some discipline and patience or be defeated.

But, remember to play and enjoy the journey. Today as snow has closed all the roads there has been some time to play. I have been inspired by some beautiful work on Nicks blog and so decided to paint ducks and grebes in the snow working from his photos.

IMG_3073 (1024x768).jpg

This is so hard for me. It is so hard to wait for the paint to be dry enough. When I see a change I’d like to make I just want to do it-old impulsive me! And this, of course, leads to mud and over working.

IMG_3065 (1024x768).jpg

I have a beautiful painting by Jane Goldman. She used to tell us “lay it and leave it” advice which is so very hard to follow. Jane also was highly disciplined in her painting and could literally break her work down into successive transparent layers. She would then recreate her paintings as silkscreen prints. Her work is beautiful and full of light. The way she captures ambient light has always intrigued me. It’s a goal I have.

This last little study is inspired from posts by another blogger who is out in Washington state. Isn’t the internet fun!

IMG_3066 (1024x768)

I kind of messed it up by trying to add an island but that just gives me an excuse to do a series of the bay and hills with their silver-grey skies.

Angel in the dustIMG_3068 (768x1024)

Magic Moments- all depend on attitude

You are the Wind beneath my Wings-

Specialc068 (1024x683).jpg
N3298R in Penticton BC

I think there is magic all around us just waiting for us to bring the right attitude to it so that we can be receptive. Sometimes (sometimes-lots of time!) this isn’t easy. But the magic is there.


FTKSBox0513019 (1024x677).jpg
Between Thunder Bay and Kenora, Ontario

The only thing we can control in our lives is our attitude and what we choose to try to do with the energy we are given. For instance:  I can wish with all my heart that you were here with me or I can acknowledge that you aren’t and go ahead to the best of my ability in the vacuum of awareness that circumstance forces me to live in. I can feel sorry for myself or I can wonder if you are also feeling very much the same pain and then I know that self pity has no place in my attitude.

So I’ll do the best I can in giving to the moment, opening myself to the magic which is here and now. And I’ll put my sorry fears aside in hope and faith that somehow the choices I make right now will bring more magic in the New Day.

I do hope that for most of my readers these lines have little meaning or if they have meaning that the sadness is past. So take your choice of attitude and let it bring you where it will. I hope you are open to magic moments. They are all around us. Here is one to share:

SpecialCrowsNest-1 (1024x680).jpg
Early morning flight from Lethbridge, Saskatchewan

The pictures are from a cross continent trip my husband and i took back when we both flew and he owned “Birdy”-a long time ago!

BirdyToday2 (1024x685)

Here is “Birdy” today for sale and still flying!

You may notice the call numbers are different. That is because we actually made the trip in a rented plane, and  not in “birdy”.


Angel in the dust