Magic Moments-are not forever

If you love someone tell them now. If you have a loved one, pet or person, paint their portrait now. i have some drawings but never found the fortitude to do a painting of Robyn  and now he’s gone.

robin July 2015 (750x563).jpg
Rob n Run photo taken July 2015

July 21, 2017

Robyn passed today-this morning at about 9:30 we let him go.

Anne had gone out to feed him and found him down, hot and in distress.

She cooled him with the hose and finally coaxed him to his feet. He was able to walk across the pasture and move into the shade but went down again almost immediately this time on his other side. When the Vet finally got here the diagnosis was a badly twisted colon and the choice either surgery (not a good one for a 32 year old thoroughbred) or a painful death. The second dose of pain-killer was putting him to sleep. We allowed the vet to euthanize him there in the shade at the top of the meadow.

On a sun-filled morning with a soft summer breeze Ann lost her best friend, a friend of 23 years. She discovered him; neglected in a cow pasture,(the fate of many a gelded racehorse that will not tolerate confinement in a starting gate), and brought him home to Esperanza to begin a new life. He’s been with her ever since she was 13. He saw her through the tough years of junior high and high school He saw her through college and endured until she returned from graduate school in Edinburgh. During those 6 years that Anne was away he gave Jamie a reason to get up morning after morning. He was our constant companion.

He gave me memories that will last a life time and courage and understanding as well- And I am crying too hard now to keep writing this….

Rob N Run, grandson of Secretariat and Native Dancer, so sweet in the stable, such a streak of temper and fire under saddle, you will be greatly missed: Your stubborn determination always to be outside roaming free regardless of the weather, your grudging acquiescence to getting on a trailer (and the time you simply wouldn’t) your high jinks at events like rearing when you got to X (instant disqualification-did you know the rules?), your complacency when other horses misbehaved, your complete distrust of jumps made out of wood but willingness to breast anything made out of stone or steel regardless of its height or breadth, your flashing speed and incredible length of stride and lazy daisy-cutting walk, Your great big head that rubbed against little me I loved it all. I’d cheerfully hold up your head to put applesauce and antibiotics down your throat. I’d soak your foot to help ease the abscess and brush your furry coat but now you are in heaven or wherever horses go. Just one thing I am sure of; you’re here with me wherever I may be.

I had to wonder this morning when you passed did Joker neigh across the field and are you with your friend at last?

We miss you, Robby


Magic Moments-Rooted




I’m rooted in my past

The third but not the last

Two older siblings

Rivalry took wings


The runt could best

Or certainly could cheat

Her little sister in the game.

Yet to achieve the same


With the bigger, older one

Required something much more fun.

A hard-core stubbornness was born

And gradually became the norm


I’d play the game and not give up

Embellish, shine, and strut.

It didn’t matter she was smart

I had her walloped from the start


As for that brother-He could annoy-

Until I beat him fair like any boy.

The point is- I’m a stubborn lass

Persistence is rooted in my past


We grow and change, we learn

Perhaps we lean a bit-

But roots stay anchored firm

Unless the whole is hit


Holly 170719 (Angel in the dust)





Magic Moments-Dreaming

A lovely dream

IMG_4848 (1024x768).jpg

An Old Wish


Life’s so uncertain

 And that which we would wish for most

 Is often out of reach


This very “Now”

It seems that in this breath of time

Is where we must find peace?


So struggle on

The moth against the window pane

Or let the dark enfold


And gather ‘round

In arms of velvet solitude

With warmth against the cold


A quieting

That centers through our mind and soul

Then strange as it may seem


It settles down

Till all that we might wish will come

As in a lovely





Angel in the dust


Magic Moments- on the internet

Reach for the Sky

celebrate the beauty in our world

Reach high

Embrace with love the sky

Spread wide

With heart not pride

And open handed gather in the good

To do with as you should

Then let it go

For others to know

We touch, give, release

In giving we’re given Peace

Now let your spirit fly

Reach high


For Owen

by holly

Angel in the dust



Magic Moments-48 hours of island bliss

“Just jump in” Debi Riley said, and I did.

Tuesday afternoon-

IMG_5112 (1024x768)

Sketches from the Edgartown wharf:IMG_4919 (768x1024)IMG_5107 (755x1024)

IMG_5104 (1024x750).jpg

followed by a porch concert at the Island Inn

and then in the evening a magically silly night in Oak bluffs: dining out a  la fresco, riding the flying horses (I got a ring every revolution but missed the prize), and eating ice-cream while watching the lights on the harbor. Maybe these images will emerge in later paintings. Sorry-No photos or paintings for now.

Wednesday morning-

Sketching in watercolor while perched on a rock IMG_5108 (1024x768).jpgamid the tide drift on Katama Bay:IMG_5109 (763x1024).jpg

and then from the steps of a wharf in the cool morning fog.

Later in the heat of the day viewing the work of so many artists island wide. I especially liked the work of Colin Ruel below:IMG_5000 (1024x768)

IMG_5002 (1024x768)IMG_5001 (1024x768)   He works in acrylics on birch plywood using water and spray and with a deep empathy for the islands.

Galleries, galleries, galleries -so much beautiful art work and so inspiring!



Then in the afternoon at South beach and the airport:IMG_5049 (1024x768).jpgSitting on the edge of the sand and finally unable to resist the giant waves I just had to get my feet wet-IMG_5044 (1024x768).jpgOops

And the Atlantic has a pair of prescription transitional glasses to turn into sea glass.IMG_5105 (1024x677)IMG_5106 (1024x715)IMG_5110 (1024x523).jpgNow my whole world is a water-color blur.IMG_5111 (1024x741).jpg

And still, I can do (sort-of) a little sketch of the house in Edgartown where I stayed.

IMG_5060 (1024x768).jpgThe child in me is so very grateful-thanks friend.

“At Seventy”

I’m fit and fine

And, liable-

To Craziness

-at any time


Magic Moments-at Esperanza

Or Morning Coffee on the porch


Asking all forgiveness from Robert Frost-

But as I ran upstairs to grab my camera his poem ‘Dust of Snow’ rang in my head and so…


The way the morning sun

Cast tracery

From fern leaf spun

Across my cup of coffee


Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day that I had rued


And, Then…when I came back with a new cup of coffee and my camera the shadow was gone!

That is when I remembered John Snell’s advice from his recent photography workshop given on Star Island, “where there’s one there’s usually more.”

Here are the results from that word of encouragement. Thank you John!

IMG_4854 (768x1024)
Take One
IMG_4864 (768x1024)
take two

IMG_4865 (1024x951).jpgIMG_4866 (1024x984).jpg

IMG_4869 (768x1024).jpg
take Three

IMG_4879 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_4890 (754x1024).jpg
Wonderful distractions abound

IMG_4901 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_4897 (768x1024).jpg
Take Four
IMG_4899 (768x1024).jpg
And a Morning Saved

Thank you all

Angel in the Dust

magic moments-in discovery

Yesterday i struggled to tile photos i had taken on my recent visit to the Isles of Shoals. The finished post was a disaster and so i have determined to try again.

IMG_4771 (1024x768).jpg
Sunrise over Gosport harbor
IMG_4767 (764x1024)
weather-vane on the Chapel
IMG_4752 (1024x762).jpg
white island Light from below the Chapel
IMG_4756 (768x1024).jpg
part of the Stone village
IMG_4761 (768x1024).jpg
Linquist Deck scene of many social hours
IMG_4762 (1024x768).jpg
Cottages A and B as seen from Linquist
IMG_4766 (768x1024).jpg
Rosa Rugosas perfume the Island
IMG_4517 (1024x768).jpg
American Eagle coming round to anchor in Gosport harbor
IMG_4491 (768x1024).jpg
Dinner Bell and 3 of dozens of rocking chairs
IMG_4506 (1024x768).jpg
harbor scene with changing weather
IMG_4388 (768x1024).jpg
Joe choreographs a new piece
IMG_4390 (768x1024).jpg
Dance, jamming, painting, conversation, quiet contemplation; the porch has space for all.
IMG_4413 (1024x768).jpg
IMG_4461 (768x1024).jpg
Textures and summer breeze
IMG_4681 (768x1024).jpg
The Art Barn
IMG_4523 (768x1024).jpg
island irises in the Stone Village
IMG_4438 (1024x768).jpg
bright spirits following Morning Chapel
STA_4731 (754x1024).jpg
path out to the ocean cliffs
IMG_4746 (1024x768).jpg
herring gulls nest every where
IMG_4714 (650x1024).jpg
freshwater pool near East rock reflecting blue flag iris
IMG_4729 (768x1024).jpg
the base of a cairn on the seaward end of the island
IMG_4742 (767x1024).jpg
Enter fresh rain water tumbles 70 feet down the cliffs to join the ocean
IMG_4624 (1024x768).jpg
morning sun on my pillow
IMG_4646 (768x1024).jpg
Evening candle-light service
IMG_4772 (1024x764).jpg
view across Sprague to the chapel
IMG_4773 (1024x768).jpg
view along the porches past Hotel oceanic to the West


IMG_4774 (768x1024).jpg
view to the North east out across winter keepers cottage to Smuttynose island
IMG_4643 (1024x768).jpg
Sunset from the Hotel porch

Magic Moments-on Star island

Photos from my week on the isles of shoals off Portsmouth NH:

I have tried to include some of the buildings so you might get a sense of the island culture. I actually had a tendency to photograph seaweed and rocks and grasses. In fact I took very few photos as my flash card was nearly full when I arrived; I had only expected to shoot a few documentary shots. I had not intended to work with photography; my original goal for being on island was to paint. After my easel broke in mid stroke I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the camaraderie of wonderful fellow conferees and the chance to learn in new areas of interest including singing and learning about my camera!

IMG_4771 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4714 (650x1024)IMG_4729 (768x1024)STA_4731 (754x1024)IMG_4756 (768x1024)IMG_4767 (764x1024)IMG_4388 (768x1024)IMG_4390 (768x1024)IMG_4438 (1024x768)IMG_4624 (1024x768)IMG_4646 (768x1024)IMG_4643 (1024x768)IMG_4517 (1024x768)IMG_4491 (768x1024)IMG_4742 (767x1024)IMG_4766 (768x1024)IMG_4506 (1024x768)IMG_4461 (768x1024)IMG_4681 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4413 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4774 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4762 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4746 (1024x768)IMG_4523 (768x1024)IMG_4761 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_4773 (1024x768)

IMG_4772 (1024x764)

Magic Moments-Home again

I have enjoyed almost 2 weeks gallivanting about New England and up into Canada and now hope to settle down to working again. By mistake i overwrote a whole set of photos but when i recover from that i’ll post some from my week out on the Isles of Shoals.

The tiny bit of painting i did while away can be found in my other blog.

Go to the blog section of:

Magic Moments-green and gold

There is so little time and so much to do. But i mustn’t fret over all I’ve missed for now the sun is giving warmth and i am gaining faith in each day bringing a new day that can be filled with hope. And with hope comes life, and joy, and a willingness to take risks. Next week I’ll be out at the Isles of Shoals (painting of course) and then up to Vermont and Montreal. I ‘m pretty disgusted with my work. There’s a stack of quarter sheet paintings from the last week and a half and they would make great kindling. Still i believe in my New Day and there will be a tomorrow.

So yesterday i tried to paint the little guest cottage. It was pretty hot even with the breeze off the West Meadow-IMG_4274 (1024x749).jpg

And today my drive home up the lane felt like entering a stage so i painted this.

IMG_4278 (765x1024).jpg

There is so much green and gold. Just this evening while studying the routes into Montreal on Google i looked up and was transported by the golds and greens in the treetops beyond the North lawn back-lit by the setting sun. I really want to paint that but I’ve got to pack and get some sleep too.