Magic Moments- creativity and chaos

IMG_9663 (1024x768).jpgIt is said that in chaos there is creativity or that one may come out of another. well surely my life is proof of that for the more unstable I become the more my creativity flourishes and vice versa. I have found it very hard to post to my blog because, frankly, that takes a large measure of dedication and discipline. I do so admire those of you who manage to post at regular intervals. Some even post every day or more frequently. Your work ethic is enviable.IMG_9673 (1024x768).jpg

Having returned from camping up in Maine and traveling down to Virginia to visit with family I have temporarily abandoned watercolor in favor of working in clay. I think i am ducking the issue of what to put up for visitors to see.

Scattered about the studio are many unfinished paintings of boats and waves and gardens all of which deserve to be given consideration. which will I turn to next? And then there is the immediate need to reorganize and hang work left over from my June show. This must be done before the next Open Studio day which is on August 6th.

IMG_9671 (1024x768).jpg
a tip of the iceberg. dozens of paintings are behind me or still at home

Somewhere and sometime out of this chaos I hope to settle down into a comfortable routine of productive art making. For the moment though this is a good picture of where I am.



Magic Moments- flying past

Hi out there. I am still here just badly distracted. My work has been spilling over onto my hand built ceramic pieces. Here are some recent odds and ends: And, there are lots more to come.

IMG_7646 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7647 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7649 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7650 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7651 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_7653 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7655 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7611 (960x1280).jpg

painting for a show entry full sheet above and two little plein air studies done recently:

sketchIMG_7734 (1024x731)IMG_7805 (749x1024)

half sheet try of the falls

IMG_7807 (762x1024).jpg

quarter sheet try of the falls

IMG_7811 (1024x768).jpgthe bottom of the biggest falls(a very bad photo of it)


hung for earth day-reflections and forms




Magic Moments- under fire

or rather being fired!

One of the art forms i had enjoyed years ago was doing hand painted ceramic tiles. I thought it would be fun to paint a few of them to have available for folks visiting my new studio as most of my original tiles were now given away or sold. Our ceramist at FVAC graciously offered to fire them for me and the first batch is in his kiln as I type.

IMG_7115 (1024x768).jpg
4 tiles in the kiln setter ready to be fired. 5 to go

most of these are of bees and other pollinators in the garden.


IMG_7120 (1024x768).jpg
designs penciled in
IMG_7122 (1024x768).jpg
and painted with under-glazes


IMG_7124 (1024x768).jpg
another set
IMG_7126 (1024x768).jpg
one coat of over-glaze begins to hide the designs
IMG_7116 (1024x768).jpg
mystery-hidden under the over-glaze



IMG_7117 (1024x768)
two finished tiles left over from 4 or 5 years ago

IMG_7119 (1024x768)

Magic Moments-Studio 9A FVAC

IMG_7075 (1024x768).jpg

Welcome to my new studio. Some may think I’ve lost my mind and maybe I have but, I am pretty sure this was the right move to make. I am now renting studio 9A having been accepted through a jury process into the Farmington Valley Art Center as a new member. I am delighting in this vibrant group of professional artists composed of painters, sculptors, ceramists, print makers, chair-caners, fiber artists, jewelers, interior designers, film makers, and photographers. It is like going to school while staying at home and doing one’s own art-simply awesome.

IMG_7084 (768x1024)

I have so much to learn as the “new kid on the block”. Not the least of which is how to swim in this world of professional art. For the moment I am content to get back to my own painting and I hope to have something to show here soon. I am looking forward to further developing my love for teaching and reaching out to students eager to stretch their artistic wings and fly free. I believe there is an artist in each of us just longing to be free. But it takes courage to jump into the unknown. I hope to make that jump less scary for those who are ready to take it.IMG_7086 (1024x768)

I am continuing to show work locally. I currently have several pieces hung in Gallery on the Green in Canton. And I welcome anyone who is in the area to visit Studio 9A at FVAC just off rt44 in Avon Ct. where I have many examples of my work on display. I am generally in the studio from 9:30 to 4:00 with a break at noon M, T, Th, F, and Sat. Visitors are always welcome. Call ahead to be certain if you wish.

IMG_7074 (1024x739).jpg

Holly (Angel in the Dust)

magic moments-innocence

Innocence and love

I’m not much of a Christian; perhaps in ethics I am, but certainly not in faith; I was brought up in a Unitarian church. Yet I sing in the choir of my husband’s Episcopalian church. Tonight as I sit here searching out the many messages from internet friends around the world one line of an anthem we sang for Lessons and Carols, the service last Sunday, keeps ringing in my head, “ and a little child shall lead them, and a little child shall lead them”. I am reminded of the innocence of children, of the innocence of man before he ate of the tree of knowledge. I think of all God’s creation, the world in its natural state, surviving as best it can, but not scheming, not planning, not greedy or full of deceit and I think of a little child reaching out his hand in trust with that natural offering of love that only children seem to have.

I wish we could all do that for one another no matter what our faith, or religion, or political position. I do believe in the efficacy of Christianity and that as Paul writes in Corinthians of Faith, Hope, and Charity the greatest of these is love. While my philosophy is built on hope I believe in love, love that seeks to understand and lives in gratitude reaching out beyond our wildest dreams to gather in everyone it can with the innocence and trust of a little child.

IMG_2302 (1024x768)IMG_2296 (1024x764)


So no matter what your denomination or faith I hope you can find the trust to reach out your hand in love to one another, trying to understand, and finding gratitude for what is given you.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the peace that comes through opening your heart to love.


May you find the light within yourself-Yes,we all have a little child with in us. Enjoy the Season.


IMG_2732 (763x1024)

IMG_4438 (1024x768)

Love holly

Magic Moments-Today


IMG_6689 (1024x768)



IMG_6704 (1024x768).jpg

Being at peace with becoming

Accepting and welcoming change

But without expectation

And with an open heart and mind


IMG_6695 (1024x768).jpg

And believing in My New Day-

May I find inner peace and strength to live each day as deliberately as nature.




My life just now is a whirl wind. It’s been life in the fast lane with no time to paint. Still I hold faith that I will find/make that time to paint when the moment is again right.


So, Dear Reader, I am still around and even though I must recycle an image or two in the Fairy Boats I am painting at least a little and always evolving. I live in Gratitude for all that has and is happening with-in me. I hold fast in knowing this moment is perfect.


“How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!”

Dear readers,
i have been traveling too fast for my soul to catch up, too fast to post watercolor practice-it’s all in various stages of in-completion-Traveling fast keeps me centered in the now: if i don’t pay close attention to where i am i will capsize and the wind in my sails is strong. This post, especially the music brought me back up the mountain to Kripalu where i recently participated in a yoga practice of meditation built around toning and the power of the voice. Stop and listen; this is a thought filled piece.
Dear sub rosa, i
I’m glad to have made your acquaintance.

sub rosa

Proverb by Steve Reich (1995)

Maggie Nelson’s Bluetsis in part inspired by the writing of Ludwig Wittgenstein, both his Remarks on Colour and his style has been of great influence to Nelson. As Nelson the composer Steve Reich is also inspired by Wittgenstein. A single line: “How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!” is the lyrical inspiration for his wonderful piece Proverb (1995).

“How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!” supply the entire text of Steve Reich’s Proverb, and in doing so reaffirm their own truthfulness: in Proverb, a single kernel of an idea serves as the basis for an entire musical composition. It starts with a single voice, a soprano who is gradually joined by two other sopranos, two tenors, and an instrumental ensemble consisting of two electric organs and two vibraphones. This eclectic group continues to express…

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Friends-read and heed-how many times does this have to happen? And, yes, one of the four people involved could have been you or me. Please send this message on.

Consolation's Many Forms

Two days ago, a woman I work with stopped to help an injured dog in the road. Two other passers-by stopped to help.

A man driving a third car, who was “distracted”, hit the three of them, killing her.

Because he was distracted, and because she stopped to help an injured dog.

She stopped to help.

An injured dog.

My (IOS) phone has a setting I’ve turned on, where I don’t get notifications of messages and the like while I’m in the car. If you have such a setting, you might want to turn it on.

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Magic Moments-Lost

It seems as if I should be posting something and yet…

I can’t think what that would be.


To post requires an ability to feel, create, and act. I just want to be,

maybe breath,

maybe stop.

I can’t even think what to say right now.


Posting is sharing. I feel sucked up in a vacuum. I am empty.


It’s not that life is dull; far from it; I‘ve recently been to lots of beautiful and exciting places, enjoyed rich experiences and had full responsibilities to live up to. I’ve even managed to paint and sketch a bit and technically that is what this blog is all about so I could post those bits here. But they don’t please me or seem to have any merit or purpose. I’ve written poetry but that isn’t really supposed to go in here unless the poem is connected to a painting.


So what to do?

I guess I’ll just say, “Hi”


Have you ever been this way?



Colors of Abandonment – The Video

“The brush dances and the ink sings”
So within every storm cloud there is a silver lining.
Here is a video by one of the first artists i found when i began my blog and whom I have followed daily since. His work is extraordinary and it has been a pleasure to watch it evolve. This most recent video is awesome. Check out his website if you haven’t already.


My first music / painting-demo video-clip!!! I hope you enjoy!

“Colors Of Abandonment”

Music: Bloodclub

Video/Editing/Painting: Carsten Wieland

Mein erster Musik- / Mal-Demo-Videoclip!!! Ich hoffe, es gefällt Euch!

“Colors Of Abandonment”

Music: Bloodclub

Video/Editing/Painting: Carsten Wieland

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