Magic Moments-at home


Inspiration for working from sketch to larger painting-

I have much to be grateful for; for still being able to walk, and sing, and paint, and most of all for caring family, and friends. I am so very grateful that a special friend introduced me to the practice of yoga; it continues to help in healing both body and spirit.

Today having missed rehearsal with the choir I went to yoga instead of singing in church.The movement and breathing of yoga was like listening again to the breathing of the ocean. It eased physical and mental pain and opened my heart to being at peace here within my own home far from the restorative sound of the ocean. May it do the same for you.

Here is the poem our yoga leader, Mary, closed with:


Prayer for Peace


May I be at peace.

May I have an open heart.

May I know the beauty

      of my true nature.

May I be healed.

May my life be a gift

     of peace in the world.


May the world be at peace.

May we all have an open heart.

May we all know the beauty

    of our true nature.

May we all be healed.

May we all serve as a gift

    of peace to each other.


Within each heart

     there is a place of peace.

May we each live from that place,

And thus we are healed into

     the heart of peace.


Angel in the dust










Magic Moments-on Monhegan island

Island rhythm

Up before the sun and I made it up to Burnt Head comfortably in time to watch the sun rise. As the sun gained altitude the water caught fire and the headlands glowed. Grass and bushes ran like burnished gold up the cliffs which themselves took on a warm red brown. It was lovely. So I painted Burnt Head that way when I got back after breakfast. Then I stayed up on the cliffs sketching other painters painting and working on waves and water until tea time. The fragrance of wild grapes diverted me on the way down to the cottage for tea and ended in a little still life along with some fallen apples I picked up by the trail. Then a third trek up the hill at the end of the day gave me sunset over the harbor. All in all it was a lovely day sunrise to sunset.

IMG_1323 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1330 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1332 (1024x768).jpg


IMG_1341 (1024x768).jpg

angel in the Dust



Magic Moments-not always

You would think I might learn that here on Monhegan trying to use the internet at peak times is an effort in futility. So now I will go out and paint. It is a clear, sunny, and quiet day today-perfect for getting sunburn and having glare in ones eyes from off the paper.

I am not sure what I am looking for today but probably water and rocks. We shall see.

Wish I had some company. Solitude is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Looked at reflections in the water and collected sea glass this morning. Zero motivation-no Muse anymore and nothing internal to motivate me save sheer stubbornness.


So out of a whole day here are a few moments of sketching. Actually the good moments were when a little brown shore bird thought I was a rock and hopped onto my shoulder=


and later above the cliffs when a black-back gull landed next to me to see what I was doing. I guess I faded into the scenery today.


Angel in the dust







Magic Moments-let it all go-or

Hold fast?

Watercolor is a transparent medium much like I; perhaps that is why I am drawn to it. Still one can only see what is brushed onto the paper and if there is more to say it remains hidden. Those thoughts could be expressed in poetry or writing or not at all staying hidden within until they explode in a God Awful crash-

NG5873 is totaled.

And I am here thanking God that my husband chose that particular tank of a car for me and that no one else appeared to be hurt. All it took was a moment’s inattention and now there is a lot of broken glass and I am responsible for possibly hurting and surely messing up the work schedule and plans of three other people not to mention their vehicles.

Stuff happens I am told. Yes it does; only now I have no confidence left. One of the things I was proud of was my driving record. I have no reason to be proud now and I have lost every shred of self respect. Oh yes, the car can be replaced (at great cost and not with anything like the beauty NG5873 was as Chevy no longer makes that model with that color and engine) but the damage done within me may never heal. We have a saying that the only thing to fear is “the nut holding the steering wheel”. Mine needs help.

Now to practice some positive thinking/action:

When I originally planned this post I wanted to share a few other blogs that I have found meaningful and to post some watercolor practice (however, the practice has been put on hold.-I never thought I’d be writing a confessional when I got home from class. So I guess I am the fly in the web and the spider is my distracted mind.)

Here are some of the blogs that I follow or visit from time to time. The w/c practice will have to wait.

Just A Few, Volume 1

Whole Love

So dear Reader, take care when you’re on the road; put your blinker on well before you stop to turn in case there is a “nut holding the steering wheel” or someone whose mind is elsewhere in the car coming up behind you and remember not to cock your wheels. For while the accident might still have occurred, if the driver of the pick up had not cocked his wheels and had flicked on his turn signal sooner, the damage would have been minimal and contained. Over the course of my driving career I myself, have been rear-ended as well as front-ended and in both instances neither was my fault nor did I involve on-coming traffic. Now I am at fault and I will be punished with unknown expenses and by losing a car which frankly had become my ego identity. But, I can only feel grateful that no one was actually hurt and the enormity of that makes me glad I no longer have a car to drive.


Now i feel in need of some stabilizing watercolor practice…

Your Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- a quick watercolor sketch


Even one is better than none.

I walked down to the spring lot just before supper and did a quick sketch. Here it is, a baby step foreword. i have a lot to figure out about the choice of colors and pigments. I don’t like the sap green I introduced and wish I’d simply left the saplings in the center out entirely -I also feel the yellows are fighting. But the Prussian blue did amazing things which are worth repeating. The paper is inexpensive and it is hard to get enough water on this cold press to get the paint to move. Never-the-less I learned a little bit so this was time well spent.


Canson sketch book 7″x10″

Magic Moments-For today

for 911

For the moment I hope this watercolor sketch will do for today’s post. We each must use the time we are given in positive ways. And I can hope that even an activity like this can help ease the troubled world look toward the positive and the good. Later I may post more on inspiration. First though, there are things that must be done in the day to keep my promises to others. So for now a little sketch I painted while hosting at Hollister House Garden yesterday.

IMG_0840 (1024x756).jpg

The time was just about 3:06 when I received a message from my muse and knew I had to pick up the brush and let the paint sing.-thank you-

I will include 2 photos of the interior of the garden as well.

IMG_0829 (764x1024).jpgIMG_0828 (756x1024).jpg

Everywhere there are people creating beauty if we but open our hearts to it.

Angel in the dust

-Magic Moments-working with artists-a newcomer to it all-

Artists seem to march to a different drummer then many people do. In fact they are unlikely to “march” at all but may skip or tiptoe or twirl as their mood dictates and will seldom if ever be found in formation or even on the same path with one another. I find them fascinating and very good company. The world is a constantly new experience in their company. I have just seen some artist friends off following an afternoon of work shooting photos here at our home. The place offers privacy, and unusual settings for taking photos. The model made use of some of the old trees in her poses and we all got involved in lighting scenes using one of the big mirrors in the house. She and the photographer, an associate from one of the art leagues I am a member of worked with great concentration and every one was glad to break at 4:00 for iced tea served on the porch. I am glad now to finally catch a moment to post to my blog. I really have too many irons in the fire.

This morning after my Friday morning walk which a friend and I usually do I returned to the marsh we often go past and did a quick sketch. I’ll include that here. It is the second one I’ve done and will be the basis for a bigger painting when I can get to it! I did at least get that penciled in before the photographer came. I’ve also got some figure studies to post but these will have to wait until I am able to control viewership and comments. There is so much to learn. Someone suggested I take a course in computing at the community college but I’ve already committed to a course in art history and to one in hand building in ceramics and I am going out to Monhegan Island from September 17th to 24th to paint. I’m already spinning! Best of all I’ve received some much needed news which makes it all worth doing! Many many thanks for the communication.IMG_0632 (1024x768).jpg

Artists need to stick together! I can now look forward to continuing my work and trying to accept who and where I am. Sometimes this art making seems an uphill battle like last night when everything I drew in figure drawing at the art league came out wrong. A word of encouragement and reassurance is often what we need and sometimes we just need to know that that message is being sent out on thought waves as it were. Anyway hang in there where ever you are and share when you can. I hope this post is helpful to all of you.