I have been giving some thought lately to the question of why -why this blog-

I originally started it as a way to stay present. I was literally being erased by someone I loved and that hurt.

I had recently begun painting and showing my work. I knew I needed to keep my artist alive. Due to deepening depression I could no longer paint and so I turned to posting photographs from the walks I took. The walks were about all I did. If you have ever dealt with depression and loss you know what I mean. Gradually I was able to include some studies and sketches but still not many. However, as I have followed other blogs I have found wonderful inspiration and new approaches to painting and sketching. Being recognized and included in discussion and comment are helping me grow as an artist and, yes, to literally be alive and to heal. I look forward to gradually getting to know more artists through the blog and to communicating again with local artists as well.

From the beginning I have wanted to keep my blog focused on the making of art, particularly watercolor painting. However, as my byline warns the blog is also about “seeking stability one brushstroke at a time” and so it will probably always be, at least in part, about the trials and joys of being creative. Because painting is a very personal way of expressing one’s self it is impossible to separate completely from the artist’s life. As time goes on I hope I will be able to share my technical discoveries in painting with other students of watercolor. I also hope I can be an emotional inspiration to others and support their unique creativity in whatever medium they choose.

As one blogger says, “to share is human.” And I might add; “through creative actions we become human and, if love is the well-spring of those actions, we may add an “e” to the word and embrace humanity.”


Angel in the dust