Yesterday evening i finished another figure painting. It is good and makes the third truly finished one so far (many are just sketches or works in progress). I wonder if they might eventually become part of a themed show. I would like to do something combining poetry and images rather like Owen’s Blog, a site which I found yesterday. His site is truly enviable. How I would love to create something even half as fine for people to visit. of course he is using photographs and i would want to use paintings and I’ve a long way to go to handle words as well. Still thank you Owen for sharing your work. You’ve set the bar pretty high.

I note that his models are all obscured or clothed and so I wonder how do people handle nudity on WordPress or is it even tolerated. My latest painting is a nude figure. It’s the best I’ve done so far and I would like people to critique it but I do not want to offend or draw voyeurism to my blog site. Should I post it? It is a back view but I have others as well from different views. They all represent my current work in watercolor and I am finding modeling the nude in watercolor to be a fascinating and very challenging job. If anyone out there has thoughts on the propriety of posting nude figures please comment.IMG_0413 (760x1024).jpg

Today I’ll include a very harmless botanical done earlier this summer. This is a Plein-air sketch done in Lucille’s garden. on a very hot day in July.

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