Magic Moments-Clouds in the Valley

Valley fog

IMG_7198 (744x1024).jpg

Two bells, 9 O’clock, followed me out the door to the car. Warming the engine I glanced down, 9:06 on the dash already. I’m always late it seems-always in a hurry. Fastening my seat-belt I curved out onto the Highway and across the top of the hill. The empty road dipped around a bend, cold and grey in the wet February morning.

Descending to my left the double yellow line abruptly disappeared into a dense pillow of white. The valley below was filled with fog. Breathtakingly beautiful from above the fog lay folded into the valley like a soft snow-white comforter. Then the vision was gone and I slowed to find the next corner. Turning off the highway I parked to rendezvous with a friend for a morning walk in the mist, destination safely obtained.

IMG_7196 (752x1024).jpg

What a lovely beginning to a wonder filled circuit past sugar woods, streams, marshes and ponds. This is the circuit I always walk. Just a little over three miles it never fails to delight but today was made magical by the mist punctuated by the clamor of geese returning home.

I realize that i have been very remiss in posting to my blog. There has been so much change in my life over the last several months and i have been badly distracted. I hope to return to my circuit and begin to post more of my art and more news of my art activities. There is so much to catch up on!



Magic Moments-Quack

Somehow my day escaped without any art work happening unless one can count hanging pictures and touching up trim and floor in the studio with new paint.

IMG_7139 (768x1024).jpg

Anyway here is a duck i painted on Tuesday. On Wednesday I formed more hand cast ceramic tiles but didn’t bother to photograph those. My life continues limping along in a rather fractured manner and I keep hoping things will settle into place soon. It’s critical to keep working. I am looking forward to peaceful productivity after this weekend and the Opening for my New Studio is over.

IMG_7143 (768x1024).jpg

the duck on my desk in front of one of the paintings in the studio.

IMG_7158 (1024x768).jpg

A diversion Wednesday morning at 6:48 as the sun throws its shadow on the moon setting over the West meadow just before dawn.


Magic Moments-stranded

Or are these guys dry-ducked?

IMG_7127 (1024x768).jpg

I saw these drakes on a pond next to the Green House Cafe where a friend and I went to lunch several weeks ago. the weather had turned abruptly cold and they had flown out to their customary paddling spot only to land in and discover it nearly completely frozen over. the landing skid marks were fascinating. The ducks looked disgusted but their necks gleamed in the sunlight and the sight stuck in my memory. two weeks later when  the restaurant owner tried to get them to fly around to the pond into the sun for me they wouldn’t even budge from their pen. so this picture was painted from memory. Now i am embarking on a study of ducks.

IMG_7131 (1024x768).jpg

I’m OK with the head on this one and appalled by the line of his back. It should be much flatter. I’ve got to be more deliberate when I am drawing. Getting attitude right is every thing in drawing ducks. Plumage is the next most important part and I doubt I’ll ever have the patience to do it well.

IMG_7133 (768x1024).jpg

This close up shows a little bit of the fussy nature of painting head feathers.

Holly (Angel dusting off her wings)

Magic Moments- under fire

or rather being fired!

One of the art forms i had enjoyed years ago was doing hand painted ceramic tiles. I thought it would be fun to paint a few of them to have available for folks visiting my new studio as most of my original tiles were now given away or sold. Our ceramist at FVAC graciously offered to fire them for me and the first batch is in his kiln as I type.

IMG_7115 (1024x768).jpg
4 tiles in the kiln setter ready to be fired. 5 to go

most of these are of bees and other pollinators in the garden.


IMG_7120 (1024x768).jpg
designs penciled in
IMG_7122 (1024x768).jpg
and painted with under-glazes


IMG_7124 (1024x768).jpg
another set
IMG_7126 (1024x768).jpg
one coat of over-glaze begins to hide the designs
IMG_7116 (1024x768).jpg
mystery-hidden under the over-glaze



IMG_7117 (1024x768)
two finished tiles left over from 4 or 5 years ago

IMG_7119 (1024x768)

Magic Moments-Studio 9A FVAC

IMG_7075 (1024x768).jpg

Welcome to my new studio. Some may think I’ve lost my mind and maybe I have but, I am pretty sure this was the right move to make. I am now renting studio 9A having been accepted through a jury process into the Farmington Valley Art Center as a new member. I am delighting in this vibrant group of professional artists composed of painters, sculptors, ceramists, print makers, chair-caners, fiber artists, jewelers, interior designers, film makers, and photographers. It is like going to school while staying at home and doing one’s own art-simply awesome.

IMG_7084 (768x1024)

I have so much to learn as the “new kid on the block”. Not the least of which is how to swim in this world of professional art. For the moment I am content to get back to my own painting and I hope to have something to show here soon. I am looking forward to further developing my love for teaching and reaching out to students eager to stretch their artistic wings and fly free. I believe there is an artist in each of us just longing to be free. But it takes courage to jump into the unknown. I hope to make that jump less scary for those who are ready to take it.IMG_7086 (1024x768)

I am continuing to show work locally. I currently have several pieces hung in Gallery on the Green in Canton. And I welcome anyone who is in the area to visit Studio 9A at FVAC just off rt44 in Avon Ct. where I have many examples of my work on display. I am generally in the studio from 9:30 to 4:00 with a break at noon M, T, Th, F, and Sat. Visitors are always welcome. Call ahead to be certain if you wish.

IMG_7074 (1024x739).jpg

Holly (Angel in the Dust)

Magic Moments-2018

Well one has to start somewhere. Here is a quick pen ( Tombow) and brush sketch of the red bud outside my window. The snow from several days ago is still sticking to it. It has been so cold.

IMG_7055 (1024x768).jpg


I was just beginning this post when my helpers arrived. After all it has now warmed up to -2 from an earlier -7 so why not truck some big pieces over to the studio?

I shall have to postpone doing a real watercolor of the red bud until later-story of my current life.

Happy New Year


Magic Moments-as the world turns

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Dear, Anne, Debi, Prashant, Owen (S.R.), Carsten, John, Margaret, Janet, Hannah, Nico, Carol, Shari, Jane, Tim, Melinda, Michael, Jack, Nick,   Oh, and so many more,-


IMG_4189 (1024x768)

“Consider the lilies”transient beauty and instability

IMG_5222 (1024x768)IMG_0281



You are the life line in my whirling seas, the house up on the cliff. How time flies! Here’s to 2018! May it see us all reaching toward our best potential and shining our light however bright that light may be. Know your light adds to the positive and creative light of the entire world helping to light the paths of others. You guys are the best! Keep up the good work and enjoy your travels.IMG_6313

In briefest summary: For the past month I have been focused on opening my own studio in the Farmington Valley Arts Center. This process involved making application, both electronic and with personal presentation before a jury and now setting up my space. I am now in Studio 9A at FVAC in Avon Connecticut and so delighted to be a part of this vibrant group of artists. They are so professional. I do feel out of my league; the little fish in the big pond. Yet, everyone here is so supportive and welcoming. It is simply wonderful.

Anyway as I get settled into the New Year I’ll share my adventure with you. So here’s to 2018 and all the paths we follow!

Will I be painting in watercolor? Figure drawing? Doing ceramic tiles? Working in batik? Sharing with students? It may well be all of the above. I certainly hope so. I am thrilled to be here and painting once again.

Happy New Year every one!

Take Care and Enjoy.


magic moments-innocence

Innocence and love

I’m not much of a Christian; perhaps in ethics I am, but certainly not in faith; I was brought up in a Unitarian church. Yet I sing in the choir of my husband’s Episcopalian church. Tonight as I sit here searching out the many messages from internet friends around the world one line of an anthem we sang for Lessons and Carols, the service last Sunday, keeps ringing in my head, “ and a little child shall lead them, and a little child shall lead them”. I am reminded of the innocence of children, of the innocence of man before he ate of the tree of knowledge. I think of all God’s creation, the world in its natural state, surviving as best it can, but not scheming, not planning, not greedy or full of deceit and I think of a little child reaching out his hand in trust with that natural offering of love that only children seem to have.

I wish we could all do that for one another no matter what our faith, or religion, or political position. I do believe in the efficacy of Christianity and that as Paul writes in Corinthians of Faith, Hope, and Charity the greatest of these is love. While my philosophy is built on hope I believe in love, love that seeks to understand and lives in gratitude reaching out beyond our wildest dreams to gather in everyone it can with the innocence and trust of a little child.

IMG_2302 (1024x768)IMG_2296 (1024x764)


So no matter what your denomination or faith I hope you can find the trust to reach out your hand in love to one another, trying to understand, and finding gratitude for what is given you.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the peace that comes through opening your heart to love.


May you find the light within yourself-Yes,we all have a little child with in us. Enjoy the Season.


IMG_2732 (763x1024)

IMG_4438 (1024x768)

Love holly

Magic Moments-Still Alive

I am sending these out even though I don’t have anything worthy of posting just now. I guess I just need to acknowledge that I am here, alive, still breathing and at some point may be able to share the events that have been unfolding in my life. Only at the moment they don’t seem to include much painting. I am hopeful that will change. I do applaud the awesome work so many of you are doing in the painting and writing fields. I enjoy getting your posts. Many Thanks!

IMG_6988 (1024x760).jpg
126×12 cp
IMG_6990 (765x1024).jpg
12×16 cp
IMG_6993 (1024x712).jpg
3×5 scrap
IMG_6991 (1024x701).jpg
3×5 scrap
IMG_6995 (1024x1002).jpg
8×8 scrap
IMG_6994 (731x1024).jpg
8×10 scrap