Somehow February has vanished before it even properly began. i painted a full sheet and ditched it. Painted little sketches and hid them. Didn’t paint and felt horrible. i have done quite a bit of net working and some painting with under glazes on ceramic tiles. Eventually those will be fired and might be posted here. On paper i really only have this birch tree: painted on a half sheet of Arches hot press

IMG_7225 (768x1024).jpg

and these sparrows in the witch hazel painted on Arches hot press 11″x14″

IMG_7228 (768x1024).jpg

i also added a background to this mallard and diddled his eye…

IMG_7229 (768x1024).jpg

The white throat sparrows where the most fun. And, I also enjoyed doing the sky for the birches. i did botanical studies for the witch hazel although i never took a photograph of them.It’s not much to show for 10 days. I suppose i might legitimately include the dozen or more tiles of i’ve done but who knows when those will be fired. Mostly I  spent time networking with other people. While i did sell enough art to pay my rent this month I’m feeling the “price” of doing business is too high. I’d rather just wander around looking, sketching, and painting –

IMG_7209 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_7220 (1024x768).jpg

and picking up ideas for more pictures like these scenes in Collinsville.


8 thoughts on “Magic Moments-fleeting

  1. Hi Holly,
    You seem to be a little hard on yourself, as I absolutely love these paintings! Painting them on half a sheet is also pretty dramatic and that first one of the birch tree is just incredible!
    I empathise with your thoughts on the “work” aspect, as I am working on my brain to change work into pleasure. More on that soon! Nitey nite from “down under” and we’ll chat soon! Anica x

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  2. I so relate to your saying, “I’d rather just wander around looking, sketching, and painting –” Substitute writing for the sketching and painting and I feel the same. The rest is so necessary but feels so often like such a chore. You’ve managed some beautiful sketches in the ten days, nevertheless.

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