Hi out there. I am still here just badly distracted. My work has been spilling over onto my hand built ceramic pieces. Here are some recent odds and ends: And, there are lots more to come.

IMG_7646 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7647 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7649 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7650 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7651 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_7653 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7655 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_7611 (960x1280).jpg

painting for a show entry full sheet above and two little plein air studies done recently:

sketchIMG_7734 (1024x731)IMG_7805 (749x1024)

half sheet try of the falls

IMG_7807 (762x1024).jpg

quarter sheet try of the falls

IMG_7811 (1024x768).jpgthe bottom of the biggest falls(a very bad photo of it)


hung for earth day-reflections and forms




2 thoughts on “Magic Moments- flying past

  1. My goodness, you’ve been a busy bee with all your splendid creations! So happy to read an update and learn what you’ve been doing creatively, Holly! 😍💖

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  2. Awesome, Holly!!!! Sorry for the late like and comment, but I was so busy this month. Beautiful paintings and I love your ceramic pieces. you wrote there will be lots more to come. Can´t wait to see more!!! I hope you are feeling good and look forward to read from you.

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