IMG_9663 (1024x768).jpgIt is said that in chaos there is creativity or that one may come out of another. well surely my life is proof of that for the more unstable I become the more my creativity flourishes and vice versa. I have found it very hard to post to my blog because, frankly, that takes a large measure of dedication and discipline. I do so admire those of you who manage to post at regular intervals. Some even post every day or more frequently. Your work ethic is enviable.IMG_9673 (1024x768).jpg

Having returned from camping up in Maine and traveling down to Virginia to visit with family I have temporarily abandoned watercolor in favor of working in clay. I think i am ducking the issue of what to put up for visitors to see.

Scattered about the studio are many unfinished paintings of boats and waves and gardens all of which deserve to be given consideration. which will I turn to next? And then there is the immediate need to reorganize and hang work left over from my June show. This must be done before the next Open Studio day which is on August 6th.

IMG_9671 (1024x768).jpg
a tip of the iceberg. dozens of paintings are behind me or still at home

Somewhere and sometime out of this chaos I hope to settle down into a comfortable routine of productive art making. For the moment though this is a good picture of where I am.



9 thoughts on “Magic Moments- creativity and chaos

  1. Glad to hear you’ve traveled a bit recently. Maine is so beautiful and Virginia isn’t too shabby either 🙂 Your art looks awesome, as always, and I love the impressions in the clay piece. You’ll get there, Holly, one moment at a time! 💖

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