Just now the “sparkle” dominating our home, Esperanza, are the red buds. They are in full and glorious bloom. The old one on the front lawn stretches most of the length of the porch now, its old branches supported at odd angels by posts placed there over the years to help it through the winters. The birds love it and fly back and forth to it from the feeders on the porch. In keeping with the advice in one of Rumi’s poems which i found in a recent post by Ancient Skies, i have chosen to paint it today along with one of our resident Nuthatches.

“Let yourself be silently drawn,

by the strange pull

of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray.”


IMG_3847 (768x1024).jpg
9×12 Canson multi-media w/c and Prismacolor pencils 170509


IMG_3846 (768x1024)
9×12 Canson muti-media w/c  and pen
IMG_3845 (768x1024)
detail of blossoms and horizontal branching of the old red-bud.

4 thoughts on “Magic Moments-My Own

  1. I’ve not heard this poem before but it speaks to my heart. Lovely! We have many nuthatches too and I always wonder if they get neck aches- they hold their heads so funny sometimes. Holly, I really enjoy these happy springtime paintings!

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