Depression can take a terrible tole on one’s life and on ones loved ones too. The last post i made included a painting of a nuthatch in our red-bud. I actually had begun this painting  almost 2 years ago and was only recently able to return to it and finish it by painting in the tree branches. For over a year i have struggled to return to the intense happiness that painting used to bring. i don’t know yet where my story will end Holly angel sculture by Kelsey but i can say that it is so important to have people who care and believe in you. If you know of someone suffering from depression don’t give up on them.

For me a turning point surely occurred when I discovered this early photo of me on the breakfast table a few weeks ago.

me summer1974-01c1974

It was snapped while I was out sketching on the hillside behind the trailer we used to live in up in Vermont.  With the photo was just a little note in my husbands hand,”I’d like this person back.” It makes all the difference to know someone cares. He loves the artist in me, and knowing that is so important to me.

I am working on finding and reconstructing her. it may take a while but I’ll do my best. If I post less frequently its because I only want to post solid accomplishments: paintings i feel good about.  In the mean time I continue to avidly read  your posts and deeply appreciate your comments. Keep up the good camaraderie and enjoy your work! And, please don’t forget to look for mine rare though it may be!

I shall repeat this poem of Rumi’s from my last post. For me it speaks volumes.

“Let yourself be silently drawn,

by the strange pull

of what you really love.

It will not lead you astray.”


Holly angel sculture by Kelsey (2)
Sculpture by Kelsey

Holly angel sculture by Kelsey (2)

(Angel in the dust)

11 thoughts on “Magic Moments- within

  1. Look at it as a wonderful journey 🙂 I all too well have known depression off and on and sometimes it extended for a long time. So I understand. Sounds like you have a wonderful support from your husband and art can be very healing. Looking forward to hearing about your personal venture in discovering yourself and your art.

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    1. I like your upbeat approach. I have always taken the optimistic view. My Dad use to say o things, ” it’s not a problem its an opportunity for solution.” and that is my approach too. However, i must caution that too many deeply depressed people can be truly at risk because often the only seemingly logical and doable solution is to end it all. Our support of one another is so important.

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  2. Holly, the times we don’t, we can’t, quite do our art… we STILL can be artists. we look. we smell a flower. we gaze at the bold cobalt sky…. and all the while, our inner artist inside she is busy, even though we don’t realise it.
    outwardly – we may go quiet (art wise) yes, but even so, inwardly we are never not artists.
    AND, The words you wrote, “I want that person back.” boy. I can’t tell you, how that resonates.

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