Forgive me for not being original. However, writing is truly hard work for me and here Charlie has said everything i, myself, would like to say or nearly so. i might add that working and reworking a motif remains important to me and part of what I do but otherwise this post pretty well sums up my day. I hope yours will be “Sparkly ” too.
(Angel in the dust)


Today’s prompt was sparkling and since I’ve doodlewashed sparkling drinks more times than I can count, I decided to look around for new inspiration. As I was looking at things in the kitchen, I realized that nearly everything has a sparkling quality to it, so my options for this one were pretty limitless. I spotted a metal colander that was definitely sparkling with reflections and light and then noticed the tomatoes sitting next to it also seemed to sparkle in their own tomato sort of way. Suddenly, the rather ordinary scene before me was transformed and seemed almost magical, waiting to be sketched. I often find myself staring at common objects around me, studying them, wondering how I might bring them to life on paper. Even without a pen or a brush in my hand, I’m mentally picturing the lines I might choose and the color I could combine to recreate that…

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