RE-blogged with gratitude to Dhanya Nair for sharing her thought in words
If only i could be this strong, this brave in watercolor. And, God bless the artists out there that share their voices. They inspire me to continue.
angel in the dust

Quaintrelle Vibes

The reason why pens sometimes seem to fall silent,

Or paint brushes seem to splash nothingness on a blank paper,

Is not because the mind has run out of things to voice,

But because we’re afraid of the little pieces of us that might fall on the paper;

Pieces we want to keep glued to ourselves like they’re what our very skins are made of;

Pieces of us that if ever looked at or read about show themselves as

scars that were never able to bleed red.

And the ones that don’t seem aweary, don’t “seem” rational.

And when we finally gulp and dare to let some of it fall on the paper,

We stand back and look at those fallen pieces and cringe.

We deem them unworthy of being heard

And pick them back up and keep them shut in the dark of our closets or turn those colors…

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