Dear readers,
i have been traveling too fast for my soul to catch up, too fast to post watercolor practice-it’s all in various stages of in-completion-Traveling fast keeps me centered in the now: if i don’t pay close attention to where i am i will capsize and the wind in my sails is strong. This post, especially the music brought me back up the mountain to Kripalu where i recently participated in a yoga practice of meditation built around toning and the power of the voice. Stop and listen; this is a thought filled piece.
Dear sub rosa, i
I’m glad to have made your acquaintance.

sub rosa

Proverb by Steve Reich (1995)

Maggie Nelson’s Bluetsis in part inspired by the writing of Ludwig Wittgenstein, both his Remarks on Colour and his style has been of great influence to Nelson. As Nelson the composer Steve Reich is also inspired by Wittgenstein. A single line: “How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!” is the lyrical inspiration for his wonderful piece Proverb (1995).

“How small a thought it takes to fill a whole life!” supply the entire text of Steve Reich’s Proverb, and in doing so reaffirm their own truthfulness: in Proverb, a single kernel of an idea serves as the basis for an entire musical composition. It starts with a single voice, a soprano who is gradually joined by two other sopranos, two tenors, and an instrumental ensemble consisting of two electric organs and two vibraphones. This eclectic group continues to express…

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