It seems as if I should be posting something and yet…

I can’t think what that would be.


To post requires an ability to feel, create, and act. I just want to be,

maybe breath,

maybe stop.

I can’t even think what to say right now.


Posting is sharing. I feel sucked up in a vacuum. I am empty.


It’s not that life is dull; far from it; I‘ve recently been to lots of beautiful and exciting places, enjoyed rich experiences and had full responsibilities to live up to. I’ve even managed to paint and sketch a bit and technically that is what this blog is all about so I could post those bits here. But they don’t please me or seem to have any merit or purpose. I’ve written poetry but that isn’t really supposed to go in here unless the poem is connected to a painting.


So what to do?

I guess I’ll just say, “Hi”


Have you ever been this way?



13 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Lost

  1. Yes, and it is Frustrating. Kind of feeling that way at this moment. 😓with me not so much, magic moments-lost as darn it nothing is coming to me.

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    1. Yes, that should work only it isn’t.
      I spent last night at a wonderful concert of Japanese Koto music and Beethoven’s sym.#2 beautifully played, the day before i was at Storm King sculpture museum, this afternoon i spent working in my garden but i am empty. There is no feeling of joy. There is no feeling.

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  2. Yes – I know the feeling of blankness. Could be a little touch of creative exhaustion. But these are the times I turn to abstract subjects either from real images or pure creations.
    But “Hi” also works just fine.

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  3. Hi Holly! Yes, dear friend, we all feel these gray voids at times. Know that you are in good company and that the sun will shine again – hopefully soon. Rooting for you! 💖

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  4. Hi. Yes I have been this way too! I think it is beautiful, to just want to be… and than to just be… it is not by accident that we write on empty pages and paint on empty canvases… don’t you think, dear angel in the dust?

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