Dear Beleaguered Servant may i borrow your painting and poem?
For just now your post will speak for me. i wish i had that solitude and all the breath of ocean and air to sustain me now. Life can be crushing.
Angel in the dust

No Talent For Certainty

She soaks up stress from all around,
A type of psychic blotter —
Then yearns for freedom and release:
To sail out on the water.

With wind and cirrus as her friends,
To be the ocean’s daughter:
And know the innocence of truth
She finds out on the water.

For all that’s gone away in life –
For losses have been mounting –
To be where there are no demands
And nothing that needs counting —

The call she answers from her soul
She’s been too long dismissing:
To be out on the water and
To find what she’s
Been missing

Picture credit : Zzorik | – Watercolor landscape – island, sky with clouds and white sail.

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