Two paths diverged in a yellow wood…

Long I stood and then chose the one… I should…

Ah nonsense! The point is all our New England roads are paved with gold right now and if one just stops long enough to look there is beauty enough to last a life time or at least to carry us through the winter! So I hope you too are enjoying these last few days of autumn as the leaves whirl down soon to be caught by the rain and snow. (It was already raining as i came home tonight after figure drawing and the roads were solidly covered in burnt gold. The trees will soon be bare)

These are the scenes I’d like to be painting this weekend only instead I shall be heading up to Vermont to play Grandma.IMG_1906 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_1905 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_1897 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1909 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_1908 (1024x768).jpg

. Perhaps we all will sketch and paint together while I’m there. That will be fun too. According to the forecast it may even snow over the weekend while we’re in Vermont!

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