Magic Moments-Take Work

Darn this is hard.

IMG_3044 (1024x492).jpg

I have been told “that if you really want something; you can make it happen.” Well maybe and maybe not yet, if ever. I know what I want but I don’t have the skill to paint it. So I will share these studies with you just so you may see that I am working, not because I am satisfied with where I have gotten to.

IMG_3046 (1024x740).jpg

I do have to come up with something by the end of the week one way or another. Unfortunately I cannot take the cavalier approach of blowing this one off. The deadline is 5PM Sunday: 3 pieces matted and framed ready for hanging. The poems are already submitted and in the catalogue.

IMG_3049 (768x1024).jpgThis one may have to do bumpy horizon line and all. There are parts of it I’m happy with.


IMG_1714 - Copy (1024x751).jpgThis one also has a large version which works OK. I just haven’t got it flattend yet to photograph.

? Maybe I should present myself-rope around neck.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-in discipline


So today I bought a Day-Minder for 2017: I guess that means I intend to keep on trying.

IMG_2271 (1024x739).jpg


Everyone makes New Years resolutions even when they claim they won’t and I am no exception; I will title mine “YES” for moving forward one day at a time into the New Year. “Y” is for Yoga practice, “E” is for exercise of all kinds, social and solitary, “S” is for sketching. And here is today’s sketch-

Not Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin but the best i can do.


I make no promises except to try, and to be mindful, and kind.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-one stroke at a time

Last night I finally got myself back to a figure drawing session. This is the watercolor sketch which came out of the evening.

IMG_2163 (727x1024).jpg


Sessions usually consist of 10 very dynamic 2 minute poses followed by several 5 minute poses and 10 minute poses and ending with a long pose which the model will hold for 2 or possibly 3 20 minute sessions. I usually work in charcoal or pencil for the short poses concentrating on various aspects of the pose or parts of the model and then switch to watercolor for the long pose. Sometimes I work directly in pen (sharpie) when I am feeling confident. This time I was struggling just to be there and draw at all so I am pleased to have done this much. I always work large this one is 18”x24”. The paper is 100 lb Bristol –very unforgiving worked vertically on an easel so one can not really use washes or flood the paper. got back rather late so-

No watercolor today but I did do a bit of work in the ceramics studio between my walk and a visit to the doctors. I need to do the mares tails clouds I saw this morning. Images like this sit on my mind and literally keep me awake-how can I get them to happen in watercolor?

Angel in the dust

(and yes, last nights model really is this “well endowed”)

Magic Moments-without heartache

Working in another world-painting on an old “canvas”,

IMG_2144 (1024x768).jpg

Another kind of painting in which I had the pleasure to participate involves using a 3” brush and no color mixing-no chance for “mud”-no use of expressive brushwork- In fact the smoother and flatter it is the better.IMG_2143 (1024x768).jpg

We are restoring one of the bedrooms in the family home. We had a wonderful artist re-plaster the ceiling and now we are working at saving the wallpaper (c 1888) and have repainted the floor. IMG_2147 (768x1024).jpg Now if only I had the  $$$$ I would have the original oil paintings conserved as well before they are re-hung but this is a do it-yourself restoration and we will have to be content with what we can manage on our own.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- what makes them happen?

Almost November now. Listening to Reba’s top 30.

Too many of these songs are mine in content and spirit. Sometimes even the words are exactly right on target; ouch!

Trying to untangle my heart from my work knowing they both define who I am and realizing I can’t let one being broken also break the other nor, being the basically optimistic and happy creature that I am, can I built my art on unhappiness and sorrow although historically many artists have. Somewhere out there the sun will shine again. And even if it’s only a one word comment such as, “beautiful”, that will give me a magic moment.


And, yes, I am plying the paint brush only there is no magic just now and I am unable to share mud with my dear readers. They deserve better.



“You came along One Promise too late”

try or own the CD


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-?


The things I like best about winter are my cozy black Damart tights and top. They’re warm and sleek. And, I like the silence of the snow and the way it has mounded up in the apple leaves like scoops of sugar in little cups. I could love it if my eyes were burning green and gold, but they’re not. They’ve changed to grey.

For the rest; the grey cold fits my mood internally and externally. This weather is such a contrast to last year on this same day in late October. Then the world held promise sparkling like the visions of a child but now it exists just to be dealt with.

Winter: dull and chilling, or cold and invigorating; we wait to see. Hope holds fast as frosty breath breaths white clouds over a garden outlined in white. And soul and spirit wait patiently yet fearfully like tulip bulbs beneath the soil planted in spite of the danger of being consumed and brought to extinction over the long bleak months of winter. Will they be there to bloom in May?

IMG_2006 (768x1024).jpga light dusting begins the day

IMG_2018 (768x1024).jpgcreates lace and

IMG_2013 (1024x768).jpgbeautiful patterns

IMG_2015 (768x1024).jpgadding mystery (and misery) to dark interiors.

IMG_2007 (1024x768) (2).jpgIs this some kind of joke?

IMG_2021 (768x1024).jpgwinter’s cold touch reaches my heart.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-often revolve around people

Today I had the privilege of being able to help a friend with some very simple but necessary transportation requirements. That done I joined some other friends to learn new (for me) techniques and approaches to working with ceramics. Our instructor graciously allowed us to continue working well over time. Finally arriving home at the end of a long day I was greeted by my my husband coming into the kitchen and volunteering to help with dinner. And, that dinner was already mostly prepared by my wonderful daughter who had gone directly from work to one of her many volunteer jobs.

So many wonderful people all reaching out to help one another.

On coming up to my studio following dinner I opened a blog i follow and, curious about some responses to her post, which i follow, found the following bloggers story. It is meaningful in the context of my day. So although I still don’t have any watercolors to share with you i include that link.

I  feel great compassion for those people who are caring and actively reaching out to others. God bless them.

Angel in the Dust

Magic Moments-are in Gods hands

No paintings to post-at least not yet.

My job is to keep the faith and keep working. At some point the parts will coalesce to make a beautiful whole. First each brushstroke must carry the right amount of pigment and water and be placed confidently on the paper at the right moment working wet into wet or almost wet or dry against wet or… there are so many variations. I really like to work to music because it allows me to be less mindful and freer with my brush strokes. And yet at times it is essential to slow down and be very careful and deliberate or to stop altogether which is why I am typing at the computer right now. I shall have to learn to run more than one painting at a time and then I will be able to pace the work better. It also pays to be very cavalier about the results and not let them matter at all except as a learning experience. Sometimes I feel very discouraged; then I look up at my painting of a flicker looking down at me and I feel better.


Yesterday enjoyed making 5 little pen and ink thumbnail sketches while listening to excerpts from the work of Smetana in our Tuesday afternoon lecture. They’re for some paintings of roads which I have in mind. I really would like to ditch what I’m working on right now and go to work on them and I may. The fall colors will open up a whole new and much brighter pallet. And, boy am I ready for that! I am so tired of grey!

And, really it would be so easy to forget about working, to just go for walks in this beautiful fall weather, and simply dream about painting. Unfortunately doing that won’t make it come together. Nor will pretending that it just doesn’t matter. Work and withstand rejection and try again are what one must do. At some point the “ink will sing”.


Now I am off to join a group on a trip to Sheffield to buy ceramic supplies. Sometimes I think one might view my renewed interest in ceramics as cross training but then I realize it is really one more way in which I am hiding from what really matters. I need to paint only life is too complicated.