Magic Moments-Still a heart

Beat away.IMG_6206 (1024x768).jpg

I can still hear the surf on Monhegan Island even after a trip yesterday  into New York to visit the Cloisters-such a different world-also one I would love to paint.IMG_6185 (768x1024)

IMG_6197 (768x1024)

IMG_6192 (768x1024)

Then today talking with a fellow artist /photographer I was being urged; strongly urged and encouraged, to visit a nearby farm where I might paint wonderful barns and pumpkins and yet another farm with horses and fall color and, and, and…IMG_6001 (768x1024)

IMG_5991 (1024x768)



I need to stay with waves and rocks, asters and goldenrod, dying spruce and moss.

IMG_6005 (1024x768)
The spruce woods

I need to slow down and paint!

IMG_5999 (768x1024)


Stop the world! I want to get off!!!


IMG_6208 (774x1024)

And as if that is not enough, Having resumed my morning walks I am seeing reflections in the marsh, flocks of cedar waxwings tipping off soft needled branches in quest of slate blue juniper berries, clouds that pile up in the blue; more images than I could paint to in a life time.


Wild flower bouquet from Monhegan that made it home in my back back.

IMG_6104 (768x1024).jpg

And it’s all-“One Long Goodbye”

Holly (Angel in the dust)

Magic Moments-not lost

Magic Moments-not lost


Dear readers, I have not forgotten you but I have been distracted and waylaid.

woodthrush (745x1024).jpg

First, a good friend has let me down-well nothing to be done about that but to try to accept it and move on-.


flicker (745x1024).jpg
The philosophic northern flicker


Second the internet has become glacial and my computer is clearly having a heart attack. I think I shall have to replace it. It is a PC office vista dell and my server will no longer support it. Ah… so out o the junk heap we go. Will Rikki-Tikki-Tavi-Kin the mongoose (Kipling) be there to keep the cobra from devouring my memory and contacts? i.e. you! I do hope so!

blue hepatica2 (521x400).jpg
What is under those leaves near the round leaf hepatica?


Any way I may appear to be “gone”, i.e. on hiatus for awhile but I’ll be back you can be sure, and with more watercolors of waves and snow and then spring ephemeral s.

IMG_8678 (640x480).jpg
So wake “R”obin Spring is  just a month away!!!!

photos and watercolors by me.

Until then… stay tuned, and keep painting and writing. I’ll be watching for your work.


Love you,


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-Morning Sunshine through the Trees

IMG_0853 (768x1024).jpg

Although my camera battery was almost flat i still managed to shoot about 8 photos before it quit. Now I will try my hand at a watercolor using some of the layering technique Carsten so kindly shared on his blog.The colors here are cooler than in his woods so my palette will be different.


IMG_0844 (768x1024).jpg

My friend (This quick shot turned out to be a lovely picture of her so I hope she does not mind my including it here) and i went for a hike this morning. We took joy in finding old friends along the trail; Hepatica and round-leaf violets, wild ginger, Indian cucumber, foam flower, false Solomon seal and many more that we had visited on earlier hikes. But only the leaves remain. The flowers are long gone now replaced by purple and orange berries glowing bright among the green lace of ferns.

IMG_0850 (1024x768).jpg

and this giant fist brought a poem by Rumi painfully to mind-as i looked backwards in time.

You have become as hard as rock.

What can rock do to a heart of glass but

Shatter it to pieces?…..

Angel in the Dust