Magic Moments: One morning in Maine

Well actually a week of drop dead beautiful mornings in Maine while tenting up in Acadia both on Mt Desert Island and on Schoodic Peninsula. i relished the solitude and the quiet. I guess I’m not much of an extrovert for i really enjoyed being by myself and alone with my dreams. Hmmm… the ocean and some loons were companion enough. The late evening light was beautiful. i only wish i had the fortitude to work hard enough to capture it. I promise myself I’ll keep trying-there are those who care and the  beauty of ocean and woods are calling. IMG_7881IMG_8729 (768x1024)IMG_8978 (1024x981).jpgIMG_8980 (1024x768).jpgIMG_8983 (1024x768).jpgIMG_8976 (1024x768).jpgIMG_8974 (1024x768)IMG_8963IMG_8967 (1024x768) (2)IMG_8968 (768x1024)IMG_8969 (1024x768)IMG_8970 (1024x768)IMG_8973 (768x1024)IMG_9063 (768x1024)IMG_9065 (1024x768).jpg


magic moments-

Life seems a bit hollow.

I did go to the new lecture series on Museum Treasures with Carol Beaudoin at NWCC  yesterday and it promises to be interesting. Only I wish i were sharing it. And, my husband and I will be going into Hartt University for a horn concert tonight but…

I seem to be spinning my wheels here in terms of getting engaged with projects around the house and there is so much that needs to be done.


Here is a figure study from last night-

IMG_3113 (1024x689).jpg
Eric 170323


And two little studies from this morning of rocks that I did on hot press using the palette knife.

IMG_3112 (1018x1024).jpg
waves off Monhegan Island


And from my walk this morning-

IMG_3109 (1015x1024).jpg
Winter hanging On

It is curious how the icicles form above the stream like little fingers.


Magic Moments-hidden in the waves

Today I finally attacked this studio with the vacuum cleaner-1st time since sometime last spring. Maybe I’m finding my feet again or just finding a large measure of resolve.

IMG_3075 (1024x768).jpg

I am working with more studies of waves and beginning to experiment with the palette knife. I also found this sort-of poem with in myself and choose to share it with you.


Fate is the hunter that fashions

A fiction we cannot escape.

Caught, forced to choose

We step blinded by blurring translations

Into an irrevocable present

Constructing our souls to an

Outward smile that drowns tears


Fortitude lifts a brush ofIMG_3076 (1024x768).jpg

Emerald green-defines the bay.

Mindset focuses on the way

We climb the path to a destiny,

Our imperfect present

Passing by the ocean empty

We leave our hearts

 To drown

IMG_3080 (1024x768).jpg

Angel in the dust



Holly Hall


Magic Moments-not always

“The Aim of Art is to represent Not the outward appearance of things but their inward Significance.”

A quote by Aristotle taken from Debi’s post:

IMG_3063 (1024x768).jpg
working at an idea

Oh gee-“The weekend”: that time when our weakest selves can shine through. I lay down for a “little” nap after getting home and woke up two hours later. Oops, no time to paint now. I have to go to dinner. However, we did get a new exhibit installed down town this morning. There is nothing of mine which is new in today’s. Those pieces will go up next week in Gallery on the Green.

IMG_3062 (1024x768).jpg
another try

I have an idea I would like to express with the ocean and with waves and sand but clearly it will be a while before I am able to do this to my satisfaction. I want to break the picture up into sections and first I have to be able to paint a wave then abstract it and…sleeeeping all afternoon rather defeats the effort.

IMG_3044 (1024x492).jpg
sky’s are getting easier

But now with our change in time it’s off to bed as tomorrow choir rehearsal will be starting an hour earlier than before.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-Take Work

Darn this is hard.

IMG_3044 (1024x492).jpg

I have been told “that if you really want something; you can make it happen.” Well maybe and maybe not yet, if ever. I know what I want but I don’t have the skill to paint it. So I will share these studies with you just so you may see that I am working, not because I am satisfied with where I have gotten to.

IMG_3046 (1024x740).jpg

I do have to come up with something by the end of the week one way or another. Unfortunately I cannot take the cavalier approach of blowing this one off. The deadline is 5PM Sunday: 3 pieces matted and framed ready for hanging. The poems are already submitted and in the catalogue.

IMG_3049 (768x1024).jpgThis one may have to do bumpy horizon line and all. There are parts of it I’m happy with.


IMG_1714 - Copy (1024x751).jpgThis one also has a large version which works OK. I just haven’t got it flattend yet to photograph.

? Maybe I should present myself-rope around neck.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- flashing past

Ouch! Time is flying faster than my soul can travel.

I am going to post some old work tonight.

Here a poem:


The Internet

This is a dangerous place to be


Thoughts and ideas swirl, overwhelm.

Too much intellectual input without order

Raw emotion writes unfinished poetry

Hungry hearts beat out their lives in space

Entangled in the web of empty fulfillment

While the orb weaver sits gorged on lost souls

Hours devoured before the blue-green screen

Fingers stumble on the keys searching for connection

When all that is needed is the touch, the real touch

Of your hand warm against mine

 And a soft kiss to brush my hair.


Early morning hours drive me

 To the center of the web

                                                                                                                                                                -Holly Hall

And some paintings of the ocean though not of my current work:

IMG_3859 (1024x810).jpg

IMG_1714 - Copy (1024x751).jpg

IMG_6573 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1331 (1024x768).jpg

Note to self: use a straight edge to get the horizon level!

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- in Gratitude

For Yoga practice-

Have you ever tried combining your routine and stretches to good up beat jazz? Just let it move a little bit? Shake it out between poses? This is really good for lifting ones spirits. So is getting outside to sketch:

IMG_2933 (1024x768).jpg
spring lot reflections

Back from a walk down the lane and a brief moment sketching by the pond I’ll try again to establish a better attitude toward life in general. I seem to be looking at a raft of failures in everything I’ve tried to do but I guess that will change if I find a different approach.

Here are some of my recent trials and errors in ceramics:






The hand built pieces seem prone to warping in the firing-something I never experienced with wheel thrown pieces.


And in watercolor:

IMG_2918 (1024x768).jpgimg_2921-768x1024



IMG_2927 (1024x768).jpg

There are more on the back sides of no matter

I have learned a great deal from these on how the paint moves now I think I need to use a different paper, one that doesn’t buckle.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-at home


Inspiration for working from sketch to larger painting-

I have much to be grateful for; for still being able to walk, and sing, and paint, and most of all for caring family, and friends. I am so very grateful that a special friend introduced me to the practice of yoga; it continues to help in healing both body and spirit.

Today having missed rehearsal with the choir I went to yoga instead of singing in church.The movement and breathing of yoga was like listening again to the breathing of the ocean. It eased physical and mental pain and opened my heart to being at peace here within my own home far from the restorative sound of the ocean. May it do the same for you.

Here is the poem our yoga leader, Mary, closed with:


Prayer for Peace


May I be at peace.

May I have an open heart.

May I know the beauty

      of my true nature.

May I be healed.

May my life be a gift

     of peace in the world.


May the world be at peace.

May we all have an open heart.

May we all know the beauty

    of our true nature.

May we all be healed.

May we all serve as a gift

    of peace to each other.


Within each heart

     there is a place of peace.

May we each live from that place,

And thus we are healed into

     the heart of peace.


Angel in the dust










Magic Moments-on Monhegan island

Island rhythm

Up before the sun and I made it up to Burnt Head comfortably in time to watch the sun rise. As the sun gained altitude the water caught fire and the headlands glowed. Grass and bushes ran like burnished gold up the cliffs which themselves took on a warm red brown. It was lovely. So I painted Burnt Head that way when I got back after breakfast. Then I stayed up on the cliffs sketching other painters painting and working on waves and water until tea time. The fragrance of wild grapes diverted me on the way down to the cottage for tea and ended in a little still life along with some fallen apples I picked up by the trail. Then a third trek up the hill at the end of the day gave me sunset over the harbor. All in all it was a lovely day sunrise to sunset.

IMG_1323 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1330 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1332 (1024x768).jpg


IMG_1341 (1024x768).jpg

angel in the Dust



Magic Moments-not always

You would think I might learn that here on Monhegan trying to use the internet at peak times is an effort in futility. So now I will go out and paint. It is a clear, sunny, and quiet day today-perfect for getting sunburn and having glare in ones eyes from off the paper.

I am not sure what I am looking for today but probably water and rocks. We shall see.

Wish I had some company. Solitude is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Looked at reflections in the water and collected sea glass this morning. Zero motivation-no Muse anymore and nothing internal to motivate me save sheer stubbornness.


So out of a whole day here are a few moments of sketching. Actually the good moments were when a little brown shore bird thought I was a rock and hopped onto my shoulder=


and later above the cliffs when a black-back gull landed next to me to see what I was doing. I guess I faded into the scenery today.


Angel in the dust