Magic Moments-in life

Good Morning Dear Readers,

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Today is a special one for me; today my son, our son, is 39 years old. On vacation in Arizona with his little family of three he is celebrating being the father of two little girls, the husband of one wonderful woman, a productive member of the engineering group he is working for, and the happy associations he has kept from his former career as a professional world-class ballet dancer. Am i happy for him-you bet!

but life is a twinkling, a rare and fine thing. So today, my friends, what will you do to keep it aloft and moving softly and well?

I am off for my morning walk, then Yoga class, and at last more painting-waves again today.I’ll post again this evening. the flood gates of thought are open and i promise a watercolor study or two.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-“depth beneath the sparkle”

So in drawing as in life; one’s efforts should be toward what Giacometti called the “impossible task”-that of coming a little nearer to the accuracy of perceived truth.

-Heather Spears

We need to go beyond words and concepts and labels to follow the drift and movement of the eye itself.

IMG_2602 (1024x799).jpg
a plein-air sketch from yesterday

and two sketches with watercolor wash from Thursday figure drawing. half sheet Arches hot-press and Bristol board.

Angel in the dust

Outward bound thought     
Turning inward                

Magic Moments -in community

In the aftermath of Saturday night’s snow storm the congregation for the children’s epiphany pageant was very small and only three singers showed up for choir. Between us an alto, a tenor/baritone, and a bass we did our best to cover the needed parts in hymns anthems, and carols. The three little wise men and the sheep-herds were charming and the whole service evoked a nostalgia that made me think of the 3 bells as Edith Piaf sings it in french. Here is an English version-almost as good.


And after visiting the Opening for the new art exhibit in the Gallery on the Green (which had been delayed by the snow)  I did this sketch of the church with the storm clouds moving off to the North East.-(a bit primitive!)

IMG_2296 (1024x764).jpg

Oh, and Jamie rang the bell for the service.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-are in Gods hands

No paintings to post-at least not yet.

My job is to keep the faith and keep working. At some point the parts will coalesce to make a beautiful whole. First each brushstroke must carry the right amount of pigment and water and be placed confidently on the paper at the right moment working wet into wet or almost wet or dry against wet or… there are so many variations. I really like to work to music because it allows me to be less mindful and freer with my brush strokes. And yet at times it is essential to slow down and be very careful and deliberate or to stop altogether which is why I am typing at the computer right now. I shall have to learn to run more than one painting at a time and then I will be able to pace the work better. It also pays to be very cavalier about the results and not let them matter at all except as a learning experience. Sometimes I feel very discouraged; then I look up at my painting of a flicker looking down at me and I feel better.


Yesterday enjoyed making 5 little pen and ink thumbnail sketches while listening to excerpts from the work of Smetana in our Tuesday afternoon lecture. They’re for some paintings of roads which I have in mind. I really would like to ditch what I’m working on right now and go to work on them and I may. The fall colors will open up a whole new and much brighter pallet. And, boy am I ready for that! I am so tired of grey!

And, really it would be so easy to forget about working, to just go for walks in this beautiful fall weather, and simply dream about painting. Unfortunately doing that won’t make it come together. Nor will pretending that it just doesn’t matter. Work and withstand rejection and try again are what one must do. At some point the “ink will sing”.


Now I am off to join a group on a trip to Sheffield to buy ceramic supplies. Sometimes I think one might view my renewed interest in ceramics as cross training but then I realize it is really one more way in which I am hiding from what really matters. I need to paint only life is too complicated.

Magic Moments-separation-but,Never Absolute.

September 13, 2016

I believe I have been posting to this blog now for just a month. While it may have served some purpose it still is not formatted as I would like to have it and making those changes now is not possible. However, for those who know me personally, I am not a quitter so eventually I will achieve my goal.

Speaking of “personal” a blog by its nature is not. Further, posting each day requires time beyond my ability to give.

So… Dear readers, whoever you may be, I will be posting less often and I will be limiting my posts to low resolution images of the watercolor work I do. If time allows I might include those poems or photos of mine which have universal appeal.

I look forward to comments on my work.Perhaps without the blog devouring my time there will be more work to publish?

Thank you for following my blog.

Angel in the Dust