Magic Moments- Within

To be human is to share and to support the creative spirit which springs from love.

2015CardIn (1024x708).jpg

The flame of compassionate creativity exists within each of us and once lit may need careful shielding to prevent its being blown out by the disappointments and vicissitudes of life. Sometimes the only protection comes from some hidden source of strength within. I am humbled with gratitude for having that wave of strength wash over me whatever its source may be.

. “I live each day wondering how I will get through it and then I remember that you would want me to-“Life with purpose merits exploring, especially after a significant loss. Purpose is the seat of the soul….”-from “A Beautiful Mind”

Today I will do a personal yoga practice and continue on the painting I started for our show. Others will follow their own paths for “we each must go our way to greet the New Day”.

And, I shall be eager to know if Shari manages to draw 20 different people, if Carsten manages to paint again during night shift or if Carol or Debi have another w/c challenge to share, if Mer manages a good day, if Barbara finds time to paint, and how you have done as well. There are so many wonderful people-more than I can name here, more than I can ever know and all cradling the flame of creative humanity within themselves and sharing it with others.

God Bless You

Angel in the dust