Magic Moments-Rusalka’s world

In silent reflection:


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It’s a cold, silent road where up maybe down.

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Angel in the dust

I loved the Metropolitan’s performance today the story was beautiful but for me not comforting.

Here is a short clip of Kristine Opolais singing “Song to the Moon” from Act 1:

Magic Moments-with Watercolour!!!!

Finally I am at my work table and the brush is loaded with water and pigment. When I can paint it is a little like praying or meditation and I always feel lifted in spirit-

“Like a breath I knew would come, I reach for a new day”.

Yesterday was bad beyond description. I am so grateful for another chance.

Here is the little pencil sketch I made from our brief walk yesterday.








And here is a watercolor from the sketch.

IMG_2797 (768x1024).jpg

There is so much depth that’s missing so much movement and glint in the hemlocks that I just have yet to figure out. And the bright shimmer of the water, the soft roundness of the melting snow. Gee wiz this doesn’t capture that at all so we’ll try again.


Actually I’m supposed to be working on ocean waves and sand-oops! Anyway it’s nice to do even a little.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments -in fits and starts

Come back, Come home. I’m gathering the crumbs and stones. Been traveling faster than my soul can go….I can’t seem to get grounded but its time to move on, to work on something different. Oh it’s exciting and fun but just now i feel like Carrie Newcomer in her song, “The Speed of Soul”-

One subject line, one click away,

But at the end of day,

i couldn’t even say,

The things that i had done.

So i spent the morning sweeping floors,

i don’t want much more,

Then to do just one thing at a time,

And call it mine.

Come back, Come home. I’m gathering the crumbs and stones. Been traveling faster than my soul can go.

i am still trying to practice YES (Yoga, exercise, and sketching)These are from yesterday though and tomorrow takes us up to Vermont so…Who knows maybe i can carry YES within me?

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Life is just a twinkling

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I got cold wet feet doing this one
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This is fun
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Unknown thoughts

Angel in the dust

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 reflecting on you