Magic Moments- water color and…

An incredibly rich walk this morning: We studied a fallen ash tree that had broken off over night and fallen without tearing down the power lines-miraculous- said “hi” to a gaggle of 5 tom turkeys, noted tiny deer tracks with the larger ones, had a red tail who was being chased by crows swoop right across our path, listened to the redwing blackbird stake out his claim in the swamp, heard the brown creeper working the white pines, saw and heard the melody of a flock of bluebirds in the corn field, watched a flock of geese flying north overhead, thrilled to the “freebee” of a nesting chickadee, listened to the trill of a brook cascading down the hillside, and… watched as this guy came up on the road, looked us in the eye and went on over the other side. whew!!!

IMG_2839 (1024x768).jpg

How can anyone come up short on a day such as this except… We needed you, my very special friend, with your binoculars to help us identify the many –many other birds we saw. I miss you every day-deeply, today more than ever.

IMG_2892 (1024x646).jpg


Anyway, here are yet two more tree studies and now I think I’m ready to move on to a different motif.

IMG_2894 (752x1024).jpg

IMG_2808 (767x1024).jpg



Happy painting and enjoy the slow rush of spring.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-A New Day

Good morning!

It’s a beautiful day. I’m thinking of you and i send a prayer out that your day will be fulfilling and creative.


It has been raining poems here but they are much too personal to share besides this blog is supposed to be about watercolor and I am still struggling with trees! I’ll practice YES (yoga, exercise, and sketching) this morning then lose myself in the basement working with clay this afternoon





Enjoy your day.

Angel in the dust

magic moments-more of the same

Here are a few more of the woods and Spring Thaw. I think I’m spinning my wheels and then I’ve also been distracted by poetry falling out of the sky. I did walk down the lane this afternoon and look at the woods again and i know i can do better so, (sorry), expect more trees soon

IMG_2797 (768x1024).jpg
170221 Spring thaw fluid c/p 9″x12″ (cer. prose. ngomb. sepia)

IMG_2799 (768x1024).jpg

170222 Spring thaw fluid c/p 9″x12″ (cer. prose. ngomb. sepia)

IMG_2803 (768x1024).jpg

170222-a  Spring thaw fluid c/p 9″x12″ (cer. prose. ngomb. sepia)

Playing with the rigger brush

IMG_2804 (767x1024).jpg

170222 Spring thaw fluid c/p 9″x12″ cer. prose. ngomb. sepia




Magic Moments-in gold and red

Riding hard in the saddle there is no time to post or paint!.

A poor pun indeed yet true! This weekend has been awfully full; Both Friday and Saturday nights had opening receptions to attend. These are grand chances to connect with other artists and patrons but they are time consuming and exhausting.

Then on Saturday after I got back from yoga class Jamie and I took the canoe out. On Sunday I drove up and back to Boston to visit my mother. And next weekend promises to be busy as well;  we will be taking another canoe up to Vermont for my son’s family to use.

I will at least get a photo or two posted. What I really want to do is paint some images of the quality of the light inside the First Parish where I took my Mother to church on Sunday. It was a beautiful diffusion of all the glowing fall color that I have been privileged to see along the roads and on the banks of the pond where we finally found some quiet water to paddle in and sketch on. (do you recognize it?-thank you, R for finding it for me) Life is good but time passes too quickly.

IMG_1775 (1024x768).jpgIMG_1777 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_1785 (1024x768).jpgIMG_1795 (1024x768).jpgIMG_1812 (768x1024).jpg


angel in the dust

Magic Moments-come with acceptance

Thank you Jane for your latest post. I was just about to post a little sketch inspired by the sunset and clearing weather we were given this evening. It is so lovely to just pick up a brush and let the colors go. this was done with a triad I am currently experimenting with:

IMG_1721 (1024x511).jpg

Prussian Blue-cool,staining,transparent, and grainy

Raw sienna-earth tone,semi opaque


Each of these pigments has a complex personality and together they allow huge variation of effect. That is if one can get the mix right and control the water. I am struggling and would welcome comments from others. I am always interested in trying new pigment/triad combinations and would welcome suggestions and advice.

In another sunset scene over the ocean-

IMG_1717 (1024x768).jpg

i am still struggling with getting the colors i need in this painting using the above triad and have settled (I think ) on using Thalo blue in the rocks and ultramarine deep in warming the sky.  It was a very cold, bleak sunset so I may still stay  with the Prussian blue in sea and sky. Suggestions welcome???


But whatever the outcome the best part is doing it and discovering that suddenly i can listen to “You are the New Day” by the Kings Singers again and smile.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments of Gratitude

Purple Asters and golden rod reaching down to kiss their reflection in the still dark water-

Bright grey-green lichen and red leaves reflected in the quietly running stream-

Golden sun dappling the lane through the tree tops high above-

A young hawk swooping down and up again before the slowly coasting car and miracle-               I stopped- and looking though my new sun roof took a magic moment to observe-


All these things and more were offered on my walk this morning but only received because of the love shown me by J, J,  R, and A. -Thank you dear friends.


Further, my gratitude flows out to those who organized and led us in a candlelight vigil for Sibyl and Lee Pellum Sunday night. Though I can not know all who attended I feel connected and grateful for this community of friends and humbled by their numbers as I continue to remember Lee’s goodness and pray for Sibyls healing. ( for readers of this blog outside our local community: these were two good friends who were out on their daily morning walk when a young man swept them to oblivion as he left the road with his car-a tragic accident which is much too common.) Drive carefully, please.


Your angel in the dust

Magic Moments- a quick watercolor sketch


Even one is better than none.

I walked down to the spring lot just before supper and did a quick sketch. Here it is, a baby step foreword. i have a lot to figure out about the choice of colors and pigments. I don’t like the sap green I introduced and wish I’d simply left the saplings in the center out entirely -I also feel the yellows are fighting. But the Prussian blue did amazing things which are worth repeating. The paper is inexpensive and it is hard to get enough water on this cold press to get the paint to move. Never-the-less I learned a little bit so this was time well spent.


Canson sketch book 7″x10″

Magic Moments-Morning Sunshine through the Trees

IMG_0853 (768x1024).jpg

Although my camera battery was almost flat i still managed to shoot about 8 photos before it quit. Now I will try my hand at a watercolor using some of the layering technique Carsten so kindly shared on his blog.The colors here are cooler than in his woods so my palette will be different.


IMG_0844 (768x1024).jpg

My friend (This quick shot turned out to be a lovely picture of her so I hope she does not mind my including it here) and i went for a hike this morning. We took joy in finding old friends along the trail; Hepatica and round-leaf violets, wild ginger, Indian cucumber, foam flower, false Solomon seal and many more that we had visited on earlier hikes. But only the leaves remain. The flowers are long gone now replaced by purple and orange berries glowing bright among the green lace of ferns.

IMG_0850 (1024x768).jpg

and this giant fist brought a poem by Rumi painfully to mind-as i looked backwards in time.

You have become as hard as rock.

What can rock do to a heart of glass but

Shatter it to pieces?…..

Angel in the Dust