Magic Moments-Lilies

Again. This is the third try-

IMG_5280 (778x1024).jpg
111/2×15 soft cold press

(I will try Aurolian yellow next time instead of Quinquidrone Gold and will stay with Vermillian and Prussian blue with raw and burnt sienna. I’ll also leave out brilliant orange i think. it’s funny i thought the gold might work but i can’t lift it and somehow it ended up looking grey. In landscapes it adds a wonderful quality to the greens and browns but not here. And the orange seems opaque to me.)

I’m not playing by the rules of three strikes you’re out because I’m not satisfied. So I’ve started another one. I want the sun to turn on in my picture!

Stay tuned Carsten Wieland has given me an idea.


Magic Moments-awakening

Good Morning world!


The catbird is in the apple tree singing sweet songs he learned down in Carolina.

The maple tree is hung with liquid jewels from last night’s rain that sparkle in the shafts of sunlight coming through the spruce trees.

It promises to be a beautiful day. And i hope it will be beautiful for you.


Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- a quick watercolor sketch


Even one is better than none.

I walked down to the spring lot just before supper and did a quick sketch. Here it is, a baby step foreword. i have a lot to figure out about the choice of colors and pigments. I don’t like the sap green I introduced and wish I’d simply left the saplings in the center out entirely -I also feel the yellows are fighting. But the Prussian blue did amazing things which are worth repeating. The paper is inexpensive and it is hard to get enough water on this cold press to get the paint to move. Never-the-less I learned a little bit so this was time well spent.


Canson sketch book 7″x10″

Magic Moments-Morning Sunshine through the Trees

IMG_0853 (768x1024).jpg

Although my camera battery was almost flat i still managed to shoot about 8 photos before it quit. Now I will try my hand at a watercolor using some of the layering technique Carsten so kindly shared on his blog.The colors here are cooler than in his woods so my palette will be different.


IMG_0844 (768x1024).jpg

My friend (This quick shot turned out to be a lovely picture of her so I hope she does not mind my including it here) and i went for a hike this morning. We took joy in finding old friends along the trail; Hepatica and round-leaf violets, wild ginger, Indian cucumber, foam flower, false Solomon seal and many more that we had visited on earlier hikes. But only the leaves remain. The flowers are long gone now replaced by purple and orange berries glowing bright among the green lace of ferns.

IMG_0850 (1024x768).jpg

and this giant fist brought a poem by Rumi painfully to mind-as i looked backwards in time.

You have become as hard as rock.

What can rock do to a heart of glass but

Shatter it to pieces?…..

Angel in the Dust