Magic Moments-looking up

the Red maples are in bloom everywhere turning the hillsides into layered clouds of silver and pink. My friend said stop and sketch from here and so i did.

IMG_3309 (1024x844).jpg
Stillman & Birn sketchbook 51/2×81/2

I should have used Alizarin Crimson instead of my old stand-by Vermillion. I don’t think i’d really woken up yet or connected with what i was seeing. i did switch to Cobalt and Aureolin at least. The truth is that when one looks at the flowers up close they really are close to vermillion only distance adds the blue.

IMG_3310 (1024x767).jpg
same Stillman & Birn sketchbook, Tombow pen and colored pencil

thought for the day:

“…The circle of love is deep and strong. It can forgive mistakes and cast out error. It can foster greatness and bring forth new life.

…This is our function in each other’s lives: to hold the space for each other’s beauty, that our beloved can leave us and we still feel in his (or her) absence how beautiful we are.”

Marianne Williamson from A Woman’s World


And a painting in words just for you-

 a  New Day


Shards of silver break like glass

Slender black and bending boughs

Spring free of snow and icy mass.

Held down, imprisoned up ‘till now

They shake; stretch out, to greet the sun

Raining brilliants down upon a day begun…


Slowly Summer claims her own

Dense drifts melt back to sparkling rill

Ephemeral flowers crown her throne

Dark pools sustain a peeper’s trill

A thrush sings softly in the wood

Two ferns emerge where once


We stood

Angel in the dust


Magic Moments-where you find them

‘Magic is where you find it, the only thing that matters is that you take the time to look for it’.
Tom Ryan: Following Atticus

There is magic in the woods often found in tiny and unexpected patterns.

IMG_2932 (1024x768).jpg

And there are man made barriers too, which while irksome, do herald spring; especially when one arrives at the collecting tank and can listen for the steady drip of sap which gathers intensity as the sun rises.

IMG_3041 (1024x768).jpg

On the road there are also barriers to travel; mostly nice ones: for it is easy to spend long moments chatting with the many other folk who, like us, love to walk this road.

IMG_3003 (768x1024)

We often meet neighbors walking their dogs. The fun thing is the way these little animals hurry forward to greet us. And, it’s not uncommon to see a phalanx of corgis stretching all the way across the road. Then there is a tangle! (Yes, I like dogs-people too!)

For the moment our walk still follows the straight and narrow although this Friday we’ll switch to the lane and lower road both dirt. And very soon i hope we’ll take to the trails in Peoples and Legionnaires. Then it will be time to start the annual spring ephemeral hunt sketchbook in hand.


Angel in the dust