magic moments-when the snow lay round about…

deep and crisp and even… Even here the sun came out making-

IMG_7021 (768x1024).jpg

snow shadows (and two energetic children volunteered to plow the drive)

IMG_7022 (1024x952).jpg

while Chickadees played outside my window-

followed by a lovely dinner cooked sous vide by my daughter and her boyfriend.-talk about being spoiled-that’s me!

wishing you all a very merry Christmas.


Magic Moments-Lilies

Again. This is the third try-

IMG_5280 (778x1024).jpg
111/2×15 soft cold press

(I will try Aurolian yellow next time instead of Quinquidrone Gold and will stay with Vermillian and Prussian blue with raw and burnt sienna. I’ll also leave out brilliant orange i think. it’s funny i thought the gold might work but i can’t lift it and somehow it ended up looking grey. In landscapes it adds a wonderful quality to the greens and browns but not here. And the orange seems opaque to me.)

I’m not playing by the rules of three strikes you’re out because I’m not satisfied. So I’ve started another one. I want the sun to turn on in my picture!

Stay tuned Carsten Wieland has given me an idea.


Magic Moments-at Esperanza

Or Morning Coffee on the porch


Asking all forgiveness from Robert Frost-

But as I ran upstairs to grab my camera his poem ‘Dust of Snow’ rang in my head and so…


The way the morning sun

Cast tracery

From fern leaf spun

Across my cup of coffee


Has given my heart

A change of mood

And saved some part

Of a day that I had rued


And, Then…when I came back with a new cup of coffee and my camera the shadow was gone!

That is when I remembered John Snell’s advice from his recent photography workshop given on Star Island, “where there’s one there’s usually more.”

Here are the results from that word of encouragement. Thank you John!

IMG_4854 (768x1024)
Take One
IMG_4864 (768x1024)
take two

IMG_4865 (1024x951).jpgIMG_4866 (1024x984).jpg

IMG_4869 (768x1024).jpg
take Three

IMG_4879 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_4890 (754x1024).jpg
Wonderful distractions abound

IMG_4901 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_4897 (768x1024).jpg
Take Four
IMG_4899 (768x1024).jpg
And a Morning Saved

Thank you all

Angel in the Dust