Magic Moments-Home

is where the Heart is.IMG_5995 (1024x768).jpg


Island Song

IMG_5985 (768x1024) (2).jpg

High Tide comes in

Washes over hard rock faces

Lifts tangled seaweed hair

Caressing our thoughts

Breathing life into every

                   crevice of our spirits-

With its ebb-

                     We wait.


The surf still poundingIMG_5997 (768x1024)

In our




       for R










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Haiku for Monhegan island 2017

Far below the cliffs

The sea foams teal blue and white

Seals play in the wavesIMG_6006 (1024x768).jpg


White gulls ride the wind

Over churning cobalt teal

Vertigo blinds meIMG_5990 (1024x768).jpg


Golden rod, Asters

Bend like bright waves on the rock

A sea gull cries outIMG_5987 (768x1024).jpg


 Cool wind lifts paper

Artist pauses, looks again

Grey fog breaks like foam

IMG_5988 (1024x768).jpg


 Who am i to paint

Such wonders: an ocean vast?


IMG_5985 (768x1024).jpg

And lost.

IMG_5986 (768x1024)
Winter Ilex on Monhegan











Holly (Angel in the dust)


Magic Moments-not always

You would think I might learn that here on Monhegan trying to use the internet at peak times is an effort in futility. So now I will go out and paint. It is a clear, sunny, and quiet day today-perfect for getting sunburn and having glare in ones eyes from off the paper.

I am not sure what I am looking for today but probably water and rocks. We shall see.

Wish I had some company. Solitude is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Looked at reflections in the water and collected sea glass this morning. Zero motivation-no Muse anymore and nothing internal to motivate me save sheer stubbornness.


So out of a whole day here are a few moments of sketching. Actually the good moments were when a little brown shore bird thought I was a rock and hopped onto my shoulder=


and later above the cliffs when a black-back gull landed next to me to see what I was doing. I guess I faded into the scenery today.


Angel in the dust