Magic Moments-separation-but,Never Absolute.

September 13, 2016

I believe I have been posting to this blog now for just a month. While it may have served some purpose it still is not formatted as I would like to have it and making those changes now is not possible. However, for those who know me personally, I am not a quitter so eventually I will achieve my goal.

Speaking of “personal” a blog by its nature is not. Further, posting each day requires time beyond my ability to give.

So… Dear readers, whoever you may be, I will be posting less often and I will be limiting my posts to low resolution images of the watercolor work I do. If time allows I might include those poems or photos of mine which have universal appeal.

I look forward to comments on my work.Perhaps without the blog devouring my time there will be more work to publish?

Thank you for following my blog.

Angel in the Dust