Magic Moments-A chapter in my Life

Photos from February 2016-

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Late last night on our way home following the Memorial service for my father and mother which i had organized, some hidden obstruction material embedded in the exit ramp slashed both of my right tires. We were returning from what had transpired to be a moving and fulfilling day. I was set to resume my painting and try again to center myself having fulfilled my obligations to my siblings and family.

My car is my only independence. Once again I feel so punished. How does one get past this?

Turn around, away from the computer screen, count your blessings (we are all OK) and pick up the paint brush. I’ll try to post some studies of mergansers ASAP.


(Angel in the dust)


Magic Moments-by the Sea

(a very expensive)

Visit to the Sea

IMG_5105 (1024x677).jpg
Sketch made on the way home on the ferry 5×8

Only one thing slightly marred

A trip to Martha’s Vineyard


This visit to the sea-


There was no one there,

No one to really care,

No one to hold my hand-

Painting at the edge of sand-


I lost control of me


For spirits high and running fast

I joined another bather in a painting by Potthast

But real waves lifted, slapped me down

My glasses now, will never-more be found


-Reality —


Driving home with that companion

His silence in rebuke now makes me stir,

“How could you go in with your glasses still on!”

And, My world’s reduced, to a water-color blur


Begging to be free-

IMG_5222 (1024x768).jpg
w/c #3  11 1/2X15 hot-press

Breaking waves are hard to paint! I think I’ll be working on this motif for quite some time.

Holly (Angel in the dust)

Magic Moments-in R-verse

Can I write my Muse a poem?



Pen picks up as paint brush falls

Can I write my Muse a poem?

Reaching out ‘cross time he calls

On plaintive cry of circling gulls

Beyond wave on wave of foam

Stranded there so far from home


The home that I would wish were ours

A place secure in peacefulness

Serene and dark beneath the stars

Where less is more and more is less

A place where I could set my head to rest

In love and contemplation on his chest.


Then mind and body melting into one

That steady beat would drown all sound

Till our two hearts leap welcome to the sun

  The center of our universe is found

 With darkness gone, a New Day starts

While we content, embrace our arts


 In joy the paintbrush dances bright with fun

And colors pulse and move and run


angel in the dust

PS i lack the focus required to paint the peach and cherry the way i would like to. Luckily I’m about to head off to a concert and that should divert my mind. Hurray for music-especially live music.

Magic Moments-in Pilates class

And outside my window

IMG_9595 (798x1024).jpg

I haven’t been able to photograph my painting lately so in place of a painting I’ll share my favorite sayings from my much loved but inexpensive Yoga mat. After all Magic is where you find it! Here are the words on my mat:

“Yoga is the journey to self”

      Find a reason to smile

                                                                                 Quiet your mind

                                        Act without expectation

Talk less say more

Continue to learn

Fear less hope more

                                                            Play with abandon


                                                                                                         Be present every day

  Open mind-open heart

I’m home now from a 3 hour session in figure drawing at the art barn-the first in many weeks. While there  i was disappointed not to find any photographs by my favorite artist hung in the new exhibit. -One could become depressed in this “Awareness vacuum”-

Tomorrow when there is some light I might try to take a photo of what I’ve done picture-wise. And best of all once the work is matted for the show I can go back to Painting without expectation. Now won’t that be nice! Perhaps I’ll just experiment with color for a while or paint what i see on my walk or outside my window. Thank you Debi and Shari!

IMG_2992 (768x1024).jpg

Enjoy your New Day

Angel in the dust