Magic Moments-in New England continued

I am about to give up. Word press has decided to edit the length of my post. these photos are from the same walk taken today and should follow the first set of hoarfrost in the previous post-They show snow everywhere after a blizzard yesterday that followed two warm days when the world turned rose and gold (actually on that day the only camera i took were my eyes so you will have to imagine the lichen and red osier dogwood now covered in white.

Angel in the dust

IMG_2666 (1024x768).jpg
Golden rod on the fence line
still shadows on snow covered ice
Holly’s climbing tree
IMG_2717 (1024x768).jpg
The farm by the marsh
snow spume

Magic Moments-close your eyes

Ever close your eyes and stop and listen?

Ever feel alive and you’ve nothing missing?

You don’t need a reason

Let the day go on and on

Let the rain fall down

Everywhere around you

Give into it now-

Let the day surround you……..                                                                        Enya

IMG_2465 (1024x736).jpg

Is there a road I should follow?

IMG_2471 (1024x768).jpg

sketching to fill the extra moment-New England is full of churches.

IMG_2473 (632x1024).jpgIMG_2472 (623x1024).jpg

two sketches of a road i walk

sketched from my car in the rain and snow. this is addictive.

IMG_2470 (1024x801).jpg

and studying with a master yoga teacher.

condos-a great place to live as sketched from my “studio”aka my car.

Angel in the dust

the day is not long enough!