Holly Hall-magic moments- Sketching at Mystic Seaport

We had a lovely day at Mystic with our friends Sibyl and Lee.

It was very hot and the sun was bright. I had to search for a bit of shade to sit in before I could even see my sketch book for the glare off the white page was so intense. Then having found a wee bit of shade in the entrance of one of the buildings I was faced with public peering over my shoulder and the accompanying feeling of shyness. This is something i must overcome as people are always going to be curious about what you are doing and yet they don’t really care-so let them look!

There were many other scenes and boats I would have loved to have sketched but was unable to find a vantage point with shade. Someday I’ll buy an artist’s umbrella.

IMG_0286 (810x1024).jpg