magic moments-in the dust

Tonight I am exhausted but glad. I was able to take my Mother out for lunch. This entailed 6 hours of driving (3 out and 3 back) and 4 of visiting plus enlisting my sister and a helper to get mom in and out of the car and into the restaurant safely (she is plucky but 98 is getting on). We did it successfully and it made a very special day for her and for all of us.

IMG_3120 (1024x768).jpg
An illustration from Seabird

i also  brought along some of the Holling Clancy Holling books and she enjoyed looking at those again and making up stories to go with them (she is wonderfully inventive). So I didn’t paint today but never-the-less had  a very fulfilling day. And it is heart warming to see that she enjoys having my paintings hung in her room.


bestowed on the path of life

Angel in the dust


Magic Moments-Just a Moment

“There were many nice moments today…”(Feb.17th, 2016)

and again today in 2017

One of which was making these four little watercolor sketches.

Just 6”x8” they were done on a cheap page of Canson w/c paper which I chopped up. I choose Daniel Smith Prussian blue, Raw Sienna, and Quinacridone gold, and Holbein Vermilion Hue, plus Greenish yellow for no reason that I can think of except i love meadow colors.

IMG_2790 (1024x759).jpg
marsh reflections
IMG_2794 (1024x768).jpg
Clouds across the field
IMG_2792 (1024x768).jpg
breaking waves
IMG_2796 (745x1024).jpg
winter hills

Looking at these uploads i realize all the photos are out of focus but I’ve no time to correct that now. Anyway they give the idea and that’s enough.

I had fun with the colors and the wet surfaces playing with my Chinese brushes. I am wicked grateful for all the wonderful inspiration and support I’ve been getting-thank you all dear readers!!!

Now I’m off to bed as tomorrow I’ll be on the road to visit my Mother (98yrs old) in assisted living. I hope I can keep my mind steady for 5 plus hours of driving by myself. And that I can bring a cheerful me to her giving her a fulfilling but not overwhelming visit and a bit of happiness. It is a lot of driving for a very short visit but short is all she can manage now.


Angel in the dust