Magic Moments-where you find them

‘Magic is where you find it, the only thing that matters is that you take the time to look for it’.
Tom Ryan: Following Atticus

There is magic in the woods often found in tiny and unexpected patterns.

IMG_2932 (1024x768).jpg

And there are man made barriers too, which while irksome, do herald spring; especially when one arrives at the collecting tank and can listen for the steady drip of sap which gathers intensity as the sun rises.

IMG_3041 (1024x768).jpg

On the road there are also barriers to travel; mostly nice ones: for it is easy to spend long moments chatting with the many other folk who, like us, love to walk this road.

IMG_3003 (768x1024)

We often meet neighbors walking their dogs. The fun thing is the way these little animals hurry forward to greet us. And, it’s not uncommon to see a phalanx of corgis stretching all the way across the road. Then there is a tangle! (Yes, I like dogs-people too!)

For the moment our walk still follows the straight and narrow although this Friday we’ll switch to the lane and lower road both dirt. And very soon i hope we’ll take to the trails in Peoples and Legionnaires. Then it will be time to start the annual spring ephemeral hunt sketchbook in hand.


Angel in the dust