Magic Moments-just peaches and lilies

Life has gotten bigger than me and I am scrambling to catch up. A friend just gave me some tiger lily bulb-lets; they need to be planted out right away and the peach trees are dripping peaches. There are 3 shows I should be entering; I”ll be lucky to get work ready for even one. I think for the next several days I’ll be focused on canning peaches when I’m not helping out at Hollister House Garden, or Gallery on the Green (yearly maintenance) or working the Art League tent at the Peach festival.

Here is one painting I recently finished which i hope to get matted and framed. There are a couple more figure studies that I’d also like to show.  For sure, “I’m traveling faster than my soul can go….”

IMG_5511 (768x1024).jpg

“Life’s a twinkling but its such a fine thing” (Carrie Newcomer)

Holly    PS how many of you noticed the Cobalt Teal Blue  in the painting above? Debi’s right; it really is a cheerful color. Now i just need time to experiment with it!

Magic Moments-not always

“The Aim of Art is to represent Not the outward appearance of things but their inward Significance.”

A quote by Aristotle taken from Debi’s post:

IMG_3063 (1024x768).jpg
working at an idea

Oh gee-“The weekend”: that time when our weakest selves can shine through. I lay down for a “little” nap after getting home and woke up two hours later. Oops, no time to paint now. I have to go to dinner. However, we did get a new exhibit installed down town this morning. There is nothing of mine which is new in today’s. Those pieces will go up next week in Gallery on the Green.

IMG_3062 (1024x768).jpg
another try

I have an idea I would like to express with the ocean and with waves and sand but clearly it will be a while before I am able to do this to my satisfaction. I want to break the picture up into sections and first I have to be able to paint a wave then abstract it and…sleeeeping all afternoon rather defeats the effort.

IMG_3044 (1024x492).jpg
sky’s are getting easier

But now with our change in time it’s off to bed as tomorrow choir rehearsal will be starting an hour earlier than before.


Angel in the dust