magic moments-in the dust

Tonight I am exhausted but glad. I was able to take my Mother out for lunch. This entailed 6 hours of driving (3 out and 3 back) and 4 of visiting plus enlisting my sister and a helper to get mom in and out of the car and into the restaurant safely (she is plucky but 98 is getting on). We did it successfully and it made a very special day for her and for all of us.

IMG_3120 (1024x768).jpg
An illustration from Seabird

i also  brought along some of the Holling Clancy Holling books and she enjoyed looking at those again and making up stories to go with them (she is wonderfully inventive). So I didn’t paint today but never-the-less had  a very fulfilling day. And it is heart warming to see that she enjoys having my paintings hung in her room.


bestowed on the path of life

Angel in the dust