Holly Hall-magic moments-Young at heART-

Posting a blog is taking a bit of perseverance as my computer keeps getting dropped from our wireless network making me feel like a second class citizen. The problem is that my computer is physically so far removed from the server. A solution will be found soon though, even if it means hard wiring it! Ah! I can reset the transmitter-solution found!


This week has been focused on family especially grandchildren so I shall include two drawings by them: one a portrait of me (notice the glasses although I don’t know why the eyes are brown) done by the three year old, and the other a picture of the garden and studio done by the 5 year old.


My own painting has been put on hold so I include a pencil drawing done earlier this summer on the Iles of Shoals.IMG_0357.JPGIMG_0351.JPGIMG_0349.JPG


Holly Hall- magic moments-with young artists

Reality Check! I am a grandmother with a wonderful family. Here is a sketch by my 5 year old granddaughter from our family outing today. If you look carefully you will see three of us in the canoe out on the water (colored blue, of course, although it actually appeared quite brown). The reservoir is surrounded by tall pines and in the water is a snag from some tree that died. Soaring above the pines is an eagle. And those round blue things? I think those represent the salamander eggs we saw clinging to the branches of the snag under water or perhaps they are the splashes from my inept paddling!

It was a wonderful day with more to come as family arrives from New Hampshire and Boston as well as Vermont. So if little is posted to the blog in the next week you will understand why. Grandmothers are supposed to be just grandmothers!IMG_0318.JPG