Magic Moments-Quack

Somehow my day escaped without any art work happening unless one can count hanging pictures and touching up trim and floor in the studio with new paint.

IMG_7139 (768x1024).jpg

Anyway here is a duck i painted on Tuesday. On Wednesday I formed more hand cast ceramic tiles but didn’t bother to photograph those. My life continues limping along in a rather fractured manner and I keep hoping things will settle into place soon. It’s critical to keep working. I am looking forward to peaceful productivity after this weekend and the Opening for my New Studio is over.

IMG_7143 (768x1024).jpg

the duck on my desk in front of one of the paintings in the studio.

IMG_7158 (1024x768).jpg

A diversion Wednesday morning at 6:48 as the sun throws its shadow on the moon setting over the West meadow just before dawn.


Magic Moments-on edge

Magic Moments-on edge


IMG_2935 (768x1024).jpg


The first tentative blossoms of spring broke too soon. Now bitten off by blue winter lunes will they feel warm words in the wind again? Their roots are not down far enough to survive.


Today I built a fountain, well an odd shape from an odder clay slab that I had made on Wednesday. We shall see what/if it becomes something. More importantly I actually worked on a big –well half sheet- of cold press. I finished and signed that painting. It is in response to a poem. And I began laying out a second also inspired by a poem. I really can’t believe I have done this. But I’m taking three deep breaths and I’ll see if I can do the second painting. Maybe I’ll pray a bit too!


To be cont.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- in Gratitude

For Yoga practice-

Have you ever tried combining your routine and stretches to good up beat jazz? Just let it move a little bit? Shake it out between poses? This is really good for lifting ones spirits. So is getting outside to sketch:

IMG_2933 (1024x768).jpg
spring lot reflections

Back from a walk down the lane and a brief moment sketching by the pond I’ll try again to establish a better attitude toward life in general. I seem to be looking at a raft of failures in everything I’ve tried to do but I guess that will change if I find a different approach.

Here are some of my recent trials and errors in ceramics:






The hand built pieces seem prone to warping in the firing-something I never experienced with wheel thrown pieces.


And in watercolor:

IMG_2918 (1024x768).jpgimg_2921-768x1024



IMG_2927 (1024x768).jpg

There are more on the back sides of no matter

I have learned a great deal from these on how the paint moves now I think I need to use a different paper, one that doesn’t buckle.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments- Just these Days in which to be…


Here is a little sketch from yesterday. I wonder what today’s sketch will be? This one was done from the car while waiting for a friend. I had to use pencil as all my water for water colors was frozen solid.

IMG_2788 (753x1024).jpg

Then i spent the afternoon carving and scribing through layers of colored slip on clay slabs that eventually I’ll form into serving pieces. My art evolves slowly as does my life; one step at a time. Medication and Meditation help to pace it and still I dream of making deadlines. I told a friend I’d paint to one of his poems. So far I only have some sketches done, nothing yet to mat and frame. The due date is coming up fast…

The evening saw the opening for a show which had been postponed from last week and in which I had another two entries. It’s good to engage, to get out, and to see what other people are doing and these are the first four pieces I’ve put on exhibit since last June. But tomorrow I’ll skip the Saturday afternoon figure drawing class and work at home. I need to.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-on a Misty Morning

This morning my friend and i completed our morning walk amazed at how different things  appeared less than 24 hours since our last walk simply because the light was so different.

i would love to create a little slide show from our walk and will try to figure out how to do so but for now here are two little sketches; one from today and one from yesterday. They are both interesting in that they are painted on very inexpensive Canson sketchbook paper using Chinese brushes.

IMG_2783 (908x1024).jpg
this is the copper beech with snow still caught on its’ branches. I used ultramarine blue, raw sienna and alizarin crimson, plus burnt sienna
IMG_2787 (1024x756).jpg
this is just an idea of looking across one of the fields we pass. I used Prussian blue, raw sienna, alizarin crimson, burnt sienna, and sepia.

There is so much more i need to do. However, i spent all of yesterday on things related to the house and my family and this afternoon in the ceramics studio gamely setting up a new slab with colored slips to try once more to create a large “painted” platter. I figure I’ll do better this time having learned from my mistakes. I’m wearing too many hats and missing awareness of what i really care about. The silence is absolute,and crippling.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-a twinkling

A sketch a day keeps the doctor at bay…

Here is a sketch I made yesterday following a walk with a friend and before driving home. It was cold and grey with a light drizzle so I worked from inside my car.

IMG_2444 (1024x792).jpg

Only in painting is there peace and in that only if I can get a painting going. My winter scene platter cracked during Bisque firing (really not an uncommon occurrence for a piece that big especially when drying time has to be hurried which happened in this case). Anyway we hang in there.

IMG_2322 (1024x586).jpg

hand built porcelain-stoneware ~14″x22″with carved design in colored slips. i shall just have to try again! Of course the inspiration will be different and there-in lies the loss. Experience, itself, is a welcome teacher.

Looking for the light through the cracks,

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-in Clay

Dust to dust

Well, clay actually. So I’m going a bit nuts or maybe just taking a Holiday?

14” platter –green ware (unfired)


IMG_2393 (1024x768).jpg


And front

IMG_2394 (1024x768).jpg


Are you there?    it is impossible to stay centered and focused. Watercolor makes me intensely unhappy and clay is calming so i have been turning to it. But really nothing works. My mind is whirling till i dance like dust-

“Dust”        by Rubert Brooke

Angel in the dust