Sonata (A Poem in 5 Movements)

Dear Ones,
Please read this ( all of it), and listen, and shine your hearts to the sky as best you can.
Remember; we- i- need you.

No Talent For Certainty


Meaning is like many things we lose:
it turns out to be wherever we left it.

But we don’t leave it, it leaves us.

If you’ve never known the feeling of not feeling,
you’ll struggle to understand what I’m telling you,
looking for distant cousins of not-feeling
who bear a superficial resemblance:
like sadness or grief.

There’s a difference between reason and reasons:
reason tells us how to achieve something,
but we must have reasons to want to do anything.

These reasons come from our feelings, and
when we do not have them,
there are no reasons.

And we find no meaning,
no matter where we left it.


Many houses and rivers distant, she looks over my shoulder and wonders why I communicate this way.

Wouldn’t it be easier to write this as a treatise?

Psychology studies these things, it is a matter for science.

But I wonder…

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The Magical Fantasy

Dear readers while you are waiting for me to get my pictures from Monhegan Island organized and posted enjoy a walk with Hanna. She is a kindred spirit who knows the magic of our world and like you is out there on the web.


You don’t have to travel far to experience magic.
We are carrying the magic inside ourselves, though it needs to be rediscovered occasionally.
Small children don’t look for magic. The magic lives within them and they are surrounded by it.
Their world is full of trolls and dragons, castles and mountains. Tigers, lions and brave knights. Not necessarily in that order.
I met a young Spanish couple in Jægersborg Dyrehave. They looked so bewildered, that I asked if I could help.
Did I know the way to The Eremitage Castle? I pointed out the direction. They asked me if there was anything else I could recommend?
I told them about the very special Hawthorn that grows on the plain.
And about a place nearby where many people from Copenhagen were buried back in the 1800 due to a cholera epidemic.
And about the deer, I met the day before and…

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Love Selflessly

and again more poetry with apologies to those who are following watercolor- but this is me. And, Oh, I did spend yesterday happily doing a watercolor of my friend doing an oil painting of the West Meadow, I’ll get that posted when i return from Boston. For now this poem by Owen Servant is a must-share. i hope it strikes a cord with you.

No Talent For Certainty

Love selflessly and you will pay the price
of what it is to give and not receive –
the heart of flame, returned with touch of ice;
a soul encumbered, longing to believe;
the joy that is, at once, a call to grieve
within the emptiness of letting go —
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

Love selflessly, and time will halt its course
and lay upon your mind the universe;
at every turn to press with so much force
that feels a maledictive sort of curse –
a swirling mist the heart cannot disperse
that magnifies what we’d least like to show —
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

There’ll be an ebb, of course, with every flow:
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

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magic moments-in discovery

Yesterday i struggled to tile photos i had taken on my recent visit to the Isles of Shoals. The finished post was a disaster and so i have determined to try again.

IMG_4771 (1024x768).jpg
Sunrise over Gosport harbor
IMG_4767 (764x1024)
weather-vane on the Chapel
IMG_4752 (1024x762).jpg
white island Light from below the Chapel
IMG_4756 (768x1024).jpg
part of the Stone village
IMG_4761 (768x1024).jpg
Linquist Deck scene of many social hours
IMG_4762 (1024x768).jpg
Cottages A and B as seen from Linquist
IMG_4766 (768x1024).jpg
Rosa Rugosas perfume the Island
IMG_4517 (1024x768).jpg
American Eagle coming round to anchor in Gosport harbor
IMG_4491 (768x1024).jpg
Dinner Bell and 3 of dozens of rocking chairs
IMG_4506 (1024x768).jpg
harbor scene with changing weather
IMG_4388 (768x1024).jpg
Joe choreographs a new piece
IMG_4390 (768x1024).jpg
Dance, jamming, painting, conversation, quiet contemplation; the porch has space for all.
IMG_4413 (1024x768).jpg
IMG_4461 (768x1024).jpg
Textures and summer breeze
IMG_4681 (768x1024).jpg
The Art Barn
IMG_4523 (768x1024).jpg
island irises in the Stone Village
IMG_4438 (1024x768).jpg
bright spirits following Morning Chapel
STA_4731 (754x1024).jpg
path out to the ocean cliffs
IMG_4746 (1024x768).jpg
herring gulls nest every where
IMG_4714 (650x1024).jpg
freshwater pool near East rock reflecting blue flag iris
IMG_4729 (768x1024).jpg
the base of a cairn on the seaward end of the island
IMG_4742 (767x1024).jpg
Enter fresh rain water tumbles 70 feet down the cliffs to join the ocean
IMG_4624 (1024x768).jpg
morning sun on my pillow
IMG_4646 (768x1024).jpg
Evening candle-light service
IMG_4772 (1024x764).jpg
view across Sprague to the chapel
IMG_4773 (1024x768).jpg
view along the porches past Hotel oceanic to the West


IMG_4774 (768x1024).jpg
view to the North east out across winter keepers cottage to Smuttynose island
IMG_4643 (1024x768).jpg
Sunset from the Hotel porch

Magic Moments-on Star island

Photos from my week on the isles of shoals off Portsmouth NH:

I have tried to include some of the buildings so you might get a sense of the island culture. I actually had a tendency to photograph seaweed and rocks and grasses. In fact I took very few photos as my flash card was nearly full when I arrived; I had only expected to shoot a few documentary shots. I had not intended to work with photography; my original goal for being on island was to paint. After my easel broke in mid stroke I decided to go with the flow and just enjoy the camaraderie of wonderful fellow conferees and the chance to learn in new areas of interest including singing and learning about my camera!

IMG_4771 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4714 (650x1024)IMG_4729 (768x1024)STA_4731 (754x1024)IMG_4756 (768x1024)IMG_4767 (764x1024)IMG_4388 (768x1024)IMG_4390 (768x1024)IMG_4438 (1024x768)IMG_4624 (1024x768)IMG_4646 (768x1024)IMG_4643 (1024x768)IMG_4517 (1024x768)IMG_4491 (768x1024)IMG_4742 (767x1024)IMG_4766 (768x1024)IMG_4506 (1024x768)IMG_4461 (768x1024)IMG_4681 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4413 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4774 (768x1024).jpgIMG_4762 (1024x768).jpgIMG_4746 (1024x768)IMG_4523 (768x1024)IMG_4761 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_4773 (1024x768)

IMG_4772 (1024x764)

Magic Moments-Home again

I have enjoyed almost 2 weeks gallivanting about New England and up into Canada and now hope to settle down to working again. By mistake i overwrote a whole set of photos but when i recover from that i’ll post some from my week out on the Isles of Shoals.

The tiny bit of painting i did while away can be found in my other blog.

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The Wind and the Lake

i love to go on a walk (virtual albeit) with Hanna. You come too!
Share with us the love of nature on this my day, June 5th.


Windy weather is lovely. It freshens up the air, it’s excellent when you surf, a kite loves the wind and it’s brilliant when to dry your clothes.
I wanted to see the big lake, Furesøen in the fresh weather, and I was not disappointed, but my hairdresser might have been 🙂

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you:
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I:
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.
Christina Rossetti

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Magic Moments-from the heart

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.
— Marc Chagall

(re-quoted from Jane Hannah’s blog)


My Artist has fled. And for the past several weeks i have given up chasing it. Instead I’ve been focusing on people and places. I am hopeful that with time i will heal. i know i need to paint and i continue to see in watercolors. For those of you who also do this you know what i mean, otherwise you probably would consider me crazy. Basically i look and see everything as though i were rendering it in watercolor as though it were a watercolor! Gradually i am also seeing my emotions in watercolor as well. This could get interesting if i am ever able to paint again. Now i don’t mean ply the brush; i mean paint as with baited breath. So i keep dabbling. See my plein-air blog;  for the moment that’s all I have to show.

I’m spinning a new thread of hope, the old one having given way. Soon like the spider in the  Navajo legend i’ll pull my world back together and be able to enjoy working with the many images that just now live only in my head. It just takes time. And, yes, as in the legend a full moon will help.

Holly (aitd)