magic moments-innocence

Innocence and love

I’m not much of a Christian; perhaps in ethics I am, but certainly not in faith; I was brought up in a Unitarian church. Yet I sing in the choir of my husband’s Episcopalian church. Tonight as I sit here searching out the many messages from internet friends around the world one line of an anthem we sang for Lessons and Carols, the service last Sunday, keeps ringing in my head, “ and a little child shall lead them, and a little child shall lead them”. I am reminded of the innocence of children, of the innocence of man before he ate of the tree of knowledge. I think of all God’s creation, the world in its natural state, surviving as best it can, but not scheming, not planning, not greedy or full of deceit and I think of a little child reaching out his hand in trust with that natural offering of love that only children seem to have.

I wish we could all do that for one another no matter what our faith, or religion, or political position. I do believe in the efficacy of Christianity and that as Paul writes in Corinthians of Faith, Hope, and Charity the greatest of these is love. While my philosophy is built on hope I believe in love, love that seeks to understand and lives in gratitude reaching out beyond our wildest dreams to gather in everyone it can with the innocence and trust of a little child.

IMG_2302 (1024x768)IMG_2296 (1024x764)


So no matter what your denomination or faith I hope you can find the trust to reach out your hand in love to one another, trying to understand, and finding gratitude for what is given you.


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday with the peace that comes through opening your heart to love.


May you find the light within yourself-Yes,we all have a little child with in us. Enjoy the Season.


IMG_2732 (763x1024)

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Love holly


a poem re- blogged from

IMG_2311 (1024x768) (1018x580).jpg
sketch of Esperanza done for an advent calendar

A life unfinished, glowering in the distance,
A diffidence, a shyness from the day;
The slow conceit that happiness is wanting,
A careful plan turned into throwaway.

The birds know things, I think, that I’m still learning,
Like how we must move on, sometimes, to live —
I see them round the palace in the morning.
We’re made to take; we have to learn to give.

There’s moisture on the windows of my vision,
As though the night had cried itself to sleep;
I hear the distant calls of faint derision,
Resentment for the company I keep.

It’s up the hill: my fate, my destination,
To Movingstock, to live among the crows,
And breathe a song of maybe-new tomorrows,
And feel each passing season as
It goes

by Owen servant

Magic Moments- on the internet

Reach for the Sky

celebrate the beauty in our world

Reach high

Embrace with love the sky

Spread wide

With heart not pride

And open handed gather in the good

To do with as you should

Then let it go

For others to know

We touch, give, release

In giving we’re given Peace

Now let your spirit fly

Reach high


For Owen

by holly

Angel in the dust



Magic Moments-gone awry

My Dear Readers, I am so sorry if I have not responded to you.

Recently I began to notice that my Word Press Reader contained things which were not showing up in my Inbox and wondered that no one had contacted me. Finally at the suggestion of my husband I checked the spam folder on my account. For months, perhaps even since I began this blog last summer comments, likes, and contacts, even new posts have been treated as spam by my computer. Only items from the last month are still available in that folder. My chest already hurts 24/7. This breaks my heart. From now on I will be checking the spam folder as well as my inbox and I will try to solve this misbehavior on the part of my computer.

“Contacts” (found in the header above my post) is an excellent way to reach me privately and will not show up as a comment on my blog. Please feel free to use it-I’ll make sure it doesn’t end up in spam again. Otherwise likes and comments are always appreciated and posts are eagerly anticipated.

You are an awesome community of artists and writers and all very special to me.


your Angel in the dust (again!)


On a happier note: the crocuses are blooming, a purple river with whitecaps all along the drive and the cardinal wakes the morning with his lilting melody. I even planted some lettuce seeds and prepared a row for snow peas. A year has passed and spring is back (at least in this hemisphere!). Will we all grow and send out blossom? that is my hope for you.

IMG_3166 (1024x736).jpg
a painting from last year




-help me find the joy to paint again. It is possible-it must be.—somehow.-

Magic Moments-suspended

displaced river: poem by Owen Servant, painting inspiration from debiriley


beneath the river filled with silt, contempt
flows over grounds of guilt, and arrogance
is there rebuilt, while silence rules and reigns;
the quilt of blessing torn by regicide.

along the river of remorse, ’twas seen
the major, out of course and innocence;
the hidden force that draws things forth, and makes
the source of everything that is and was.

the banks were misty in the morn of hope,
although a bit new shorn of grass and weed;
the soul reborn, the life malfeasant, was
as worn as any tread or shoe or shirt.

as absence fills the heart with more than space,
the mist was here, and there, and everyplace                                                         by Owen Servant

IMG_3096 (1016x1024).jpg

But mostly in my heart-so  thank you all for getting me into painting mode. (Maybe I’ll do some Canada geese next)

The above were done with wet in wet and palette knife. Prussian Blue, Indian yellow,and Sepia on fluid cold press.


Magic Moments-take Discipline

Working in watercolor one will either learn some discipline and patience or be defeated.

But, remember to play and enjoy the journey. Today as snow has closed all the roads there has been some time to play. I have been inspired by some beautiful work on Nicks blog and so decided to paint ducks and grebes in the snow working from his photos.

IMG_3073 (1024x768).jpg

This is so hard for me. It is so hard to wait for the paint to be dry enough. When I see a change I’d like to make I just want to do it-old impulsive me! And this, of course, leads to mud and over working.

IMG_3065 (1024x768).jpg

I have a beautiful painting by Jane Goldman. She used to tell us “lay it and leave it” advice which is so very hard to follow. Jane also was highly disciplined in her painting and could literally break her work down into successive transparent layers. She would then recreate her paintings as silkscreen prints. Her work is beautiful and full of light. The way she captures ambient light has always intrigued me. It’s a goal I have.

This last little study is inspired from posts by another blogger who is out in Washington state. Isn’t the internet fun!

IMG_3066 (1024x768)

I kind of messed it up by trying to add an island but that just gives me an excuse to do a series of the bay and hills with their silver-grey skies.

Angel in the dustIMG_3068 (768x1024)

Magic Moments are Meant to Share

The Beauty of Your Dreams

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
Steve Jobs


Be careful what you water your dreams with. Water them with worry and fear and you will produce weeds that choke the life from your dream. Water them with optimism and solutions and you will cultivate success. Always be on the lookout for ways to turn a problem into an opportunity for success. Always be on the lookout for ways to nurture your dream.
Lao Tzu


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt



Magic Moments-often revolve around people

Today I had the privilege of being able to help a friend with some very simple but necessary transportation requirements. That done I joined some other friends to learn new (for me) techniques and approaches to working with ceramics. Our instructor graciously allowed us to continue working well over time. Finally arriving home at the end of a long day I was greeted by my my husband coming into the kitchen and volunteering to help with dinner. And, that dinner was already mostly prepared by my wonderful daughter who had gone directly from work to one of her many volunteer jobs.

So many wonderful people all reaching out to help one another.

On coming up to my studio following dinner I opened a blog i follow and, curious about some responses to her post, which i follow, found the following bloggers story. It is meaningful in the context of my day. So although I still don’t have any watercolors to share with you i include that link.

I  feel great compassion for those people who are caring and actively reaching out to others. God bless them.

Angel in the Dust

Magic Moments-come with acceptance

Thank you Jane for your latest post. I was just about to post a little sketch inspired by the sunset and clearing weather we were given this evening. It is so lovely to just pick up a brush and let the colors go. this was done with a triad I am currently experimenting with:

IMG_1721 (1024x511).jpg

Prussian Blue-cool,staining,transparent, and grainy

Raw sienna-earth tone,semi opaque


Each of these pigments has a complex personality and together they allow huge variation of effect. That is if one can get the mix right and control the water. I am struggling and would welcome comments from others. I am always interested in trying new pigment/triad combinations and would welcome suggestions and advice.

In another sunset scene over the ocean-

IMG_1717 (1024x768).jpg

i am still struggling with getting the colors i need in this painting using the above triad and have settled (I think ) on using Thalo blue in the rocks and ultramarine deep in warming the sky.  It was a very cold, bleak sunset so I may still stay  with the Prussian blue in sea and sky. Suggestions welcome???


But whatever the outcome the best part is doing it and discovering that suddenly i can listen to “You are the New Day” by the Kings Singers again and smile.

Angel in the dust

Magic Moments-let it all go-or

Hold fast?

Watercolor is a transparent medium much like I; perhaps that is why I am drawn to it. Still one can only see what is brushed onto the paper and if there is more to say it remains hidden. Those thoughts could be expressed in poetry or writing or not at all staying hidden within until they explode in a God Awful crash-

NG5873 is totaled.

And I am here thanking God that my husband chose that particular tank of a car for me and that no one else appeared to be hurt. All it took was a moment’s inattention and now there is a lot of broken glass and I am responsible for possibly hurting and surely messing up the work schedule and plans of three other people not to mention their vehicles.

Stuff happens I am told. Yes it does; only now I have no confidence left. One of the things I was proud of was my driving record. I have no reason to be proud now and I have lost every shred of self respect. Oh yes, the car can be replaced (at great cost and not with anything like the beauty NG5873 was as Chevy no longer makes that model with that color and engine) but the damage done within me may never heal. We have a saying that the only thing to fear is “the nut holding the steering wheel”. Mine needs help.

Now to practice some positive thinking/action:

When I originally planned this post I wanted to share a few other blogs that I have found meaningful and to post some watercolor practice (however, the practice has been put on hold.-I never thought I’d be writing a confessional when I got home from class. So I guess I am the fly in the web and the spider is my distracted mind.)

Here are some of the blogs that I follow or visit from time to time. The w/c practice will have to wait.

Just A Few, Volume 1

Whole Love

So dear Reader, take care when you’re on the road; put your blinker on well before you stop to turn in case there is a “nut holding the steering wheel” or someone whose mind is elsewhere in the car coming up behind you and remember not to cock your wheels. For while the accident might still have occurred, if the driver of the pick up had not cocked his wheels and had flicked on his turn signal sooner, the damage would have been minimal and contained. Over the course of my driving career I myself, have been rear-ended as well as front-ended and in both instances neither was my fault nor did I involve on-coming traffic. Now I am at fault and I will be punished with unknown expenses and by losing a car which frankly had become my ego identity. But, I can only feel grateful that no one was actually hurt and the enormity of that makes me glad I no longer have a car to drive.


Now i feel in need of some stabilizing watercolor practice…

Your Angel in the dust