I am sending these out even though I don’t have anything worthy of posting just now. I guess I just need to acknowledge that I am here, alive, still breathing and at some point may be able to share the events that have been unfolding in my life. Only at the moment they don’t seem to include much painting. I am hopeful that will change. I do applaud the awesome work so many of you are doing in the painting and writing fields. I enjoy getting your posts. Many Thanks!

IMG_6988 (1024x760).jpg
126×12 cp
IMG_6990 (765x1024).jpg
12×16 cp
IMG_6993 (1024x712).jpg
3×5 scrap
IMG_6991 (1024x701).jpg
3×5 scrap
IMG_6995 (1024x1002).jpg
8×8 scrap
IMG_6994 (731x1024).jpg
8×10 scrap


9 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Still Alive

  1. Sometimes the time away from the easel is as important
    as time at the easel. Even though you don’t have a brush
    in your hand, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t actively studying.
    You are getting ready for the next burst of inspiration.

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  2. Dear Holly, a sign of life is at least as good as posting a new painting. And I agree with Jack … sometimes the time away from the brushes but with your eyes wide open is more important than to paint if you don´t feel for it. Anyway: these “scraps” are beautiful. So good to have you here on wordpress! Warm greetings to you. 🙂

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      1. Thanks so much, Holly. My music is coming along pretty good. The arrangement for “Watercolors In The Rain” is finished – I am just waiting for a phone-call from the singer I have in mind for it. But this won´t happen this year anymore. ´1000 Dank´ again for your editing of the lyrics. “The Rhapsody of Flowing Colors” is also finished. So there is nothing serious to work on this year. But I decided to compose a little piece of music every morning when I come from the nightshift – just for fun and just to relax. They are not really my daily moods I am expressing here, but any piece has an own mood. This way my music-library is filling and waiting to be used for watercolor-videos and all that stuff.

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  3. Hi Holly! Thanks for sharing your creations, and I really enjoy the brushwork of the sweet little bird on the last painting. I’ve not had much time to paint other than in my weekly painting class because of family obligations, but as of the first of the year I am cutting back on my work hours quite a bit. Hopefully this will give me more time for the family obligations and allow me to have more creating time. Like you, I enjoy looking through all the other blog posts to keep in touch with what everyone is working on. I hope you have fun Christmas plans and are surrounded by those you love. Merry Christmas!

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    1. and Merry Christmas to you also. It’s good to hear from you and know you are managing to take control of the many things one has to do for others so you can carve out a wee bit of time for your painting. Your work is constantly getting stronger and stronger. i love it.

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