Here is the first fee booten painting which inspired me to give my walk a try even though i didn’t feel 100 percent. The woods are so beautiful.

IMG_6516 (1024x745).jpg

And my walk today was marked by beauty in spite of finding myself unable to complete my normal loop.  Part of the beauty was nature’s offering and the other the cheerful arrival of my husband to pick me up at the halfway point. The loop is only 3 and a half miles but today halfway was more than enough for my bad foot and leg. Besides i was missing my friend.

here are the Fairy Boats again in another painting. the sun is catching them. But they are beginning to sink.IMG_6594 (1024x768).jpg


I am working on the golden forest. Here are some photos from today.

IMG_6590 (768x1024).jpg

IMG_6592 (1024x768).jpg

It is  the beech trees which are so glorious. But the oaks do pretty well too-IMG_6582 (1024x768).jpg

and make lovely boats.

IMG_6581 (1024x768).jpg

All Silver and Gold


8 thoughts on “Magic Moments-einem goldenen wald und fee booten:

      1. Yes, when I make my own walks, or when i drive through places where I have memories with people, then a particular stump of a tree where we used to sit down to take a rest will bring me back to that very moment. Or it can be a whiff of something familiar in the air or the colouring of a dying leaf that makes me recall situations I haven’t thought of for years. So, yes, I can get pretty sentimental too about my walks. What touches my heart in your story today is because you make me see what you see – through your eyes, so to speak.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am working on the beech woods. I would like to go on record though that i use the photos only to explore the idea and sometimes in the case of a specific animal or plant for reference. I have never found painting from photos doable or in any way satisfactory. Instead i like to paint on location and when that is not possible from a quick sketch made on location or from memory.

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