Photos from February 2016-

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Late last night on our way home following the Memorial service for my father and mother which i had organized, some hidden obstruction material embedded in the exit ramp slashed both of my right tires. We were returning from what had transpired to be a moving and fulfilling day. I was set to resume my painting and try again to center myself having fulfilled my obligations to my siblings and family.

My car is my only independence. Once again I feel so punished. How does one get past this?

Turn around, away from the computer screen, count your blessings (we are all OK) and pick up the paint brush. I’ll try to post some studies of mergansers ASAP.


(Angel in the dust)


5 thoughts on “Magic Moments-A chapter in my Life

  1. Sorry to read about that bad luck on such an important day. But I am glad you are alive. and (hopefully) have not been injured – beside another scare for the soul. I have been through a long long period of bad luck myself, filled with depression and the feeling of getting punished by life. I know too good what how it feels. I am lucky that this dark period of my life is past for a while already. But I will never forget it and the memory makes me feel grateful for every new day. I found my peace in watercolor painting and it helped me out of the darkest days. I wish you all the best, Holly!

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  2. You are inspiration and role model for me Carsten. And I am so glad you are able to feel gratitude for each new day now. I am hopeful for that too. In fact just now I was playing with my new big mop brush. Experimenting to see what I can do with it. I think painting is the one thing that i can lose myself in and when i am happy it is a heaven sent thing.
    I always look for you posts and they inspire me.
    And, only the car is damaged. i and my family are all OK if a bit tired!

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