Dear Ones,
Please read this ( all of it), and listen, and shine your hearts to the sky as best you can.
Remember; we- i- need you.

No Talent For Certainty


Meaning is like many things we lose:
it turns out to be wherever we left it.

But we don’t leave it, it leaves us.

If you’ve never known the feeling of not feeling,
you’ll struggle to understand what I’m telling you,
looking for distant cousins of not-feeling
who bear a superficial resemblance:
like sadness or grief.

There’s a difference between reason and reasons:
reason tells us how to achieve something,
but we must have reasons to want to do anything.

These reasons come from our feelings, and
when we do not have them,
there are no reasons.

And we find no meaning,
no matter where we left it.


Many houses and rivers distant, she looks over my shoulder and wonders why I communicate this way.

Wouldn’t it be easier to write this as a treatise?

Psychology studies these things, it is a matter for science.

But I wonder…

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