Diving in-

IMG_5584 (768x1024).jpg

Painted from a tiny sketch scratched on the back of an envelope in the dark; here is Mahlers 2nd symphony as experienced in the Tanglewood shed this summer.

IMG_5579 (768x1024).jpg

It was a moving experience and I can still hear the glory of it all. I see the the sound baffles as clouds of green and gold above a rapt audience. the choir silent in black and white rising as one to sing and the soloists flanking the conductor with perfect voices. Harps, timpani, bases, cellos, brass and woodwinds; one beautiful rich sound building to the next..

IMG_5582 (768x1024).jpg

the chorus like one voice over 150 strong and the two soloists beyond compare. Andris Nelsons’ interpretation new but completely fitting and beautiful….A lovely evening. And one I’ll have to try painting again. But here is a first try.

for you-

Angel in the dust (Holly)

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