Painting for therapy                                                                   34 pints: half way.

it’s dark      -inside-         and the petals are falling


Its a beautiful late summers day…

IMG_5548 (1024x768).jpg

Petals and Peaches

Moulin Rouge, Bright fallen stars

Summer’s at an end

Angel in the dust

3 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Petals and Peaches

  1. wow Holly this is lovely! a few parts just shine so much for me, I must tell you!! love your background…. its cool, gradations, it does not compete. your peach jar on the left is sooo well done – oh my. perfect! and then your clear vase – hints and suggestions… Beautifully Done! as a whole, your painting is lovely Holly, I trust you are happy 🙂 cheers, debi

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