This week allowed me time to do some plein-air (see my blog)

And even better to do some more figure drawing at both ALNB and at G on G

IMG_5392 (1024x768).jpg

While I have been blindly experimenting with various papers and drawing instruments more seasoned students of art are admonishing me to become systematic-fat chance!IMG_5391 (768x1024)


IMG_5400 (1024x768)


However, I will try to limit my experimentation in the future.

IMG_5389 (768x1024)

I find I am gravitating toward expression through flowing contour lines and lines which describe movement ant tension.IMG_5393 (768x1024)

IMG_5395 (1024x768).jpg

When I do work in pencil it is with a very light touch.

IMG_5398 (768x1024).jpgWorking in the company of many other artists one sees all kinds of approaches to the figure. Often modeling and working with shadow and light to create volume the other artists work mostly in pencil, charcoal or conte’. Or they may abstract the figure into geometric planes or focus exclusively one part of the figure. This is all good practice in which i need much much more!


IMG_5408 (768x1024)

IMG_5411 (1024x768).jpg

I, however, find myself fascinated with ink and watercolor.

IMG_5387 (768x1024).jpg

So much to learn!

I frequently go back to studies and work them up in more detail or create a setting. Time with the model is terribly limited.

Here is some of my work (unfinished) from this week.


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