and again more poetry with apologies to those who are following watercolor- but this is me. And, Oh, I did spend yesterday happily doing a watercolor of my friend doing an oil painting of the West Meadow, I’ll get that posted when i return from Boston. For now this poem by Owen Servant is a must-share. i hope it strikes a cord with you.

No Talent For Certainty

Love selflessly and you will pay the price
of what it is to give and not receive –
the heart of flame, returned with touch of ice;
a soul encumbered, longing to believe;
the joy that is, at once, a call to grieve
within the emptiness of letting go —
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

Love selflessly, and time will halt its course
and lay upon your mind the universe;
at every turn to press with so much force
that feels a maledictive sort of curse –
a swirling mist the heart cannot disperse
that magnifies what we’d least like to show —
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

There’ll be an ebb, of course, with every flow:
but love is worth it, worth it, even so.

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3 thoughts on “Love Selflessly

    1. It is beautiful. Owen writes nonstop and often brings up imperfect stones and then he’ll write a gem. This is one. i can not too fully appreciate the creative spirit in each of us; It is so very, very precious. i open my day by reading the poetry you all post. It sustains me.

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