A lovely dream

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An Old Wish


Life’s so uncertain

 And that which we would wish for most

 Is often out of reach


This very “Now”

It seems that in this breath of time

Is where we must find peace?


So struggle on

The moth against the window pane

Or let the dark enfold


And gather ‘round

In arms of velvet solitude

With warmth against the cold


A quieting

That centers through our mind and soul

Then strange as it may seem


It settles down

Till all that we might wish will come

As in a lovely





Angel in the dust


7 thoughts on “Magic Moments-Dreaming

    1. thank you for connecting to me and for connecting me to Heide’s blog.
      We all do have so much to be grateful for and another day with a loved one is right at the top. Just having the attitude to be able to know and say,
      ” today is my hands-down favorite” is something to be immensely grateful for of its self. I’m so glad she got that day and i hope she gets many more.

      Liked by 1 person

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